What Color of Floor Mats Should I Get?

Every car owner buys floor mats to serve different purposes. Some will get the floor mats to prevent dirt from getting to the vehicle’s surface. 

Other car owners will get fancy car mats to enhance the appearance of the car’s interior. 

Regardless of the purpose you’re using your floor mats for, it’s essential to get a color that complements your vehicle. 

Picking up the right mat with the right color can take time. It’s a task needing prior planning and knowing exactly what you are looking for. 

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So, what color of floor mats should I get? Read on to learn how to choose the correct floor mat for your car and the desired colors. 

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What Are the Appropriate Floor Mat Colors?

Admiring a sleek car’s appearance is not enough until you’ve confirmed that its interior matches how it looks on the outside. 

If you come across a vehicle that only looks good on the outside and utterly displeasing on the outside, it’s a lesson you should learn to choose the correct mats. 

Always ensure that people feel great about riding inside your car and can make the best compliments regarding its interior. 

There are many choices to make when looking for floor mats. The essential factors to consider are size, shape, style, and, more importantly, color. 

Floor mats may seem insignificant but are an excellent addition to your vehicle. Below are factors to consider when choosing the right color for your floor mats. 

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Choose mats that match the existing decor

Avoid going for floor mat colors that clash with your vehicle’s interior. Take your time and shop for mats that closely match the color of your car, especially on the inside. 

For example, if your vehicle’s interior is dark, go for bright floor mat colors such as beige or grey, but avoid going for colors that are shouting. 

Avoid the Exact floor Color

Going for a floor mat that bears the same tone as the floor makes no difference to your car’s interior. The floor mats’ purpose is to enhance your vehicle’s appearance. 

Get mats that match your car’s interior and certainly enhance how the inside of your vehicle looks. 

Personal Preference

Assess your usage of floor mats. If you have any specific likes regarding rugs, ensure they’re available on the mats you purchase. 

The same goes for dislikes. Avoid buying mats with features or a color you dislike. It’ll mess up your car’s interior and take you back to the market sooner than you had hoped. 


When going for a specific mat color, remember to go for a durable one, so it serves you for a long time. 

Going for a durable floor mat also ensures your vehicle continues to look new even with more years of use. 

Avoid Very Light Colors

When purchasing floor mats, avoid going for very bright colors. If dirt pours on them, it’ll be very evident, and you will also need to clean them more frequently. Choose floor mats with a slightly dark-coated tone. 

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Think Bold and Vibrant

The intention of getting reliable colors is to capture the attention of anyone who sees your car’s interior. Get colors that make the bold message stand out. Ensure the background tone on the floor mats can fully coexist with the car’s interior shade. 

Pick a Color that Doesn’t Stain Easily

A white floor mat should be a last resort or not an option at all. The light shade might register beautifully but look ugly when the dust settles on the rugs. 

Light shades will not work well with foot traffic. 

Mix and Match with Existing Aesthetics

Choosing a floor mat color should have you consider the existing aesthetics of your business. 

Check your walls and get a floor mat color that matches that. When you choose colors clashing with your walls, the possibility is unattractiveness. 

Vehicle Type

Your vehicle type plays a significant role in helping you make the proper color choice for your floor mats. 

Getting bright colored mats helps make your car look spacious. If your vehicle is small, go for radiant rugs so the interior looks bigger. 

Are Cars Supposed To Come With Floor Mats?

Benefits of using floor mats

You see floor mats all the time but have not taken the time to understand how well they can serve you. Floor mats are now a part of our everyday life. Below are reasons why floor mats are essential. 

They Keep your Interiors Clean.

Vehicles and buildings have a lot of foot traffic, and a good floor mat can help suppress that dirt. Floor mats have material that allows counteracting at least 80% of this dirt, helping you use them longer before cleaning them. 

Floor Mats keep you safe.

Floor mats do more than prevent dirt from spreading inside your space. Floor mats help to make risky areas, such as slippery floors, less slippery. 

Floor mats promote a positive image.

Floor mats prevent the dirt coming from outside from accumulating and lying on your surfaces. They also help to reduce wear and tear on the cover with frequent footing activity ensuring that your floors are durable. 

How to choose the right floor mat for your vehicle

Car floor mats are not only trampled on without mercy, and most car owners do not bother to check the condition of these floor mats. As long as they’re serving the purpose, they’ll be trodden down on for as long as they’re in the car. 

Floor mats significantly protect your car’s interior from unwanted dirt; they also offer safe footing and enhance comfort while you drive. 

Choosing the right floor mats for your vehicle only requires a bit of common sense while ensuring you put your priorities right. 

Below are some tips to help you choose the right floor mats. 

Carpet floor mats


  • Customizable design
  • They’re available in different options and design
  • They have varying price ranges


  • They accumulate dirt over time
  • Their durability is low, and they wear out quick

Rubber floor mats


  • They are easy to wash
  • They’re tough, giving them a higher durability
  • They have great weather and water-proof features


  • They have limited colors and design, limiting the compatibility with your vehicle’s interior
  • The customizable designs are pretty pricey
  • They do not respond well to heat
  • They can get slippery and dangerous to step on when wet

Vinyl floor mats


  • They are pocket-friendly
  • They have a wide variety of designs, colors, and style
  • They’re resistant to chemicals
  • They can quickly absorb moisture


  • They have a lower durability period
  • They quickly crack or curl when exposed to extreme temperatures

Frequently Asked Questions

What color of floor mats should I get?

Avoid the exact color that looks like the flooring. The aim is to allow pedestrians to see the mat, so it is necessary to make it conspicuous. Avoid having the exact color of the floor for compatibility. 

How do I choose a doormat color?

Choosing a light shade of the mat will make it appear dirty. This is regardless of little dirt or mud. Getting formats intended to serve you for a substantial amount of time will require that you get a darker shade. These types of mats are more durable. 

Are floor mats worth it?

Floor mats play an excellent role in protecting the carpet placed beneath them. They help the carpet retain its longevity by preventing dirt and other spillages from reaching it. 

How long do car floor mats last?

Vinyl floor mats are known to last longer than any other floor mat. You’d need to look for any wear and tear within the first twelve months of use. 

Why are floor mats used?

Floor mats trap dirt, prevent slipping, and protect the floor from quick damage. In the long run, floor mats ensure that your interiors are always clean. 


Floor mats are available in the market and different colors. When you take your time to shop around carefully, you’ll find floor mats that are compatible with your vehicle’s interiors. 

Check out rubber mats also available in attractive colors to complement the inside of your car. 

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