Weathertech Vs. Smartliner FloorMats in 2022

Your car interior is likely to get the junk from shoe dust and liquid spills. If you’ve not installed a floor mat in your car, your carpet can be damaged by these messes.

But you can control that by getting high-quality floor mats to cover the car’s carpet and prevent these junks from landing on it.

Weathertech Floor Mats and Smartliner Floor Mats are two of the best floor mats that save your car carpet from controllable damage and make removal of grimes easy. The two are designed to retain dust, sand, mud, and snow and hinder their spread. But you must have enough reasons to go for one of the two mats.


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Smartliner FloorMats

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Weathertech floor mats vs Smartliner floor mats – which one is better? 

This article gives an in-depth comparison between the two mats. You’re welcome to read on to learn more.

Benefits Of High Quality Car Mats And Things To Consider In 2022

Weathertech FloorMat Features 

Weathertech floor mats are made to provide high-quality protection for your car’s floor. 

Their surface design is improved with intensely sculptured channels to absorb wetness, snow, mud, sleet, salt, and sand. They keep off all weather-related messes that may enter your vehicle.

The tracks also trap weather-related messes to prevent them from spreading over your carpet. 

These floor mats are made of highly flexible and 100% reusable compound that is odorless, latex-free, and without toxic PVCs, cadmium, or lead.

They’re also highly flexible and can’t crack if draped across your car’s footwall even in cold temperatures. 

They’re durable, and you can depend on them in all seasons no matter what the season subjects them to.

Their anti-skid texture lines at the bottom create surface friction with your vehicle’s carpet, preventing them from slipping or sliding out of place. 

Their flip surface contains a specialized non-stick coating that eases cleaning. You only need to dust out the mess, rinse your mat off, and return it to your car once dry.

Weathertech FloorMat cleaner helps clean out stubborn grimes. 

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These are the features of weathertech floor mats:

  • Custom fit for many makes and models.
  • Deeply sculpted channels trap mud, salt, snow, sand, and water.
  • Improved rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) lets you drape your mats over your vehicle’s footwall.
  • Long-lasting and recyclable, and flexible hence dependable in the coldest of temperatures.
  • Anti-skid lines at the bottom to prevent movements out of place while driving.
  • Non-stick finish, making cleaning quick and easy.
  • 100% reusable material.

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Smartliner FloorMat Features

Smartliner floor mats are made to brighten your vehicle’s interior and prevent unattractive staining. 

They are customized to fit in over 160 vehicle models and makes.

Smartliner floor mats are made from post-consumer reusable materials and come in different colors.

They’re made of less dense, strong, and flexible material that eases installation and removal, guaranteeing long-lasting shape.

Its edges are raised to completely cover their underneath and prevent the mess from getting to your clean carpet. 

Their surfaces are skid-resistant, preventing slipping. You can easily clean them by rubbing, hosing, or using soap and water.

Smartliner floor mats are stain-resistant and dispense zero odor.

Smartliner floor mats are made in a modern style to give your car’s interior a first-class appearance and maintain a high resale price.

Brief features of Smartliner floor mats include

  • All-weather shields against snow, mud, sand, water, and salt.
  •  Contains a spill saver lip that prevents mess from getting to your car carpet.
  • Detachable from your car, hence easy to clean.
  • They’re made by precisely 3D scanning your vehicle’s interior.
  • Their main components are plastic rubber blend and polyethylene, enabling them to last longer without cracking or breaking.
  • They’re 100% recyclable.
  • They’re made of flexible material. 
  • They contain no odors.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Easy to clean by dumping or soaking with soap.
  • They’re long-lasting and have at least 10 years of warranty.

Advantages of Weathertech FloorMats

It’s time to like your car from the mess that could result from snow and ice.

Getting a high-quality floor mat is the surest way of guaranteeing yourself this safety.

A weathertech floor mat is a high-end floor mat that is made to protect your car carpet from mud, sand, water, and salt.

Here are the benefits you’ll acquire from the weathertech floor mat:

  1. Value for your money

You can’t risk letting a controllable mess damage your car after spending money to buy it.

You must have invested a lot to buy your car, truck, minivan, or four-by-four. Top-notch maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle in shape at all seasons.

No matter how much you care to have your vehicle in good condition, the mess will always happen due to instances of snow and rain.

You’ll also find particles of sand getting into your car through passengers’ shoes.

It’ll be difficult to prevent your car carpet from contacting these messes without a good floor mat.

Salt and water could even force you to replace your carpet, lowering your car resale value.

That’s why you must consider having a weathertech floor mat to keep your car carpet clean.

A weathertech floor mat keeps dust, sand, water, salt, and any other forms of grime away from your car carpet.

Absorbing the mess saves your car from damage, safeguarding your investment.

  1. Custom fit for your car

Not all floor mats can protect your car the way weathertech floor mats do.

Some are smaller than your car floor’s actual size, leaving sections if your car carpet is exposed to grimes.

These smaller carpets are not ideal for shielding your carpet against damage and boosting its lifespan.

Conversely, weathertech floor mats are custom fitting, thus perfect for protecting your car interior against controllable damage.

Every inch of your carpet is safe if you use weathertech floor mats because they take up different sizes and shapes to fit perfectly in a vehicle.

  1. Protecting your car from road 

Salt stains can be challenging to clean. You must prevent them from touching your carpet.

Weathertech floor mats cover your carpet and absorb all forms of mess like salts and water.

Avoiding rainwater, snow, and ice during winter might be impossible. These messes can wreak havoc on your car’s interior carpet.

Rainwater can also splash on your carpet, making it mold. 

Weathertech floor mats are designed to fully cover your carpet and save it from damage by these elements.

  1. Protection of your vehicle’s interior

Most motorists only think of floor mats in their cars’ front seats. This leaves other parts of the car out of the question and vulnerable to spoilage.

But weathertech floor mats are available for each section of your car’s floor. You can get them to cover your car’s front seat floor, trunk, and even for pick-up trucks 

  1. An easy-to-clean process

How To Clean WeatherTech Floor Mats In Your Car At Home? (Simple Step-By-Step Guide)

Your car is susceptible to various messes related to weather and minor spills of drinks and food.

It’s common to spill coffee, juices, or alcohol in your car.

These messes could lead to a build-up of stains that can be difficult to clean.

But it’s easy to get rid of these stains from your weathertech floor mat.

You just need to wipe them immediately after the spills occur, and there will be no stain!

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Disadvantages of Weathertech FloorMats

There are no disadvantages to buying a weathertech floor mat if you observe the safety measures.

But cons might appear the moment you fail to take care of the mats.

Weathertech floor mats are designed to shield your carpet against messes by snow, sand, salt, and water.

But reoccurrence of these messes renders your mat vulnerable to damage unless you clean it thoroughly.

You should always be keen to observe any spots before parking your vehicle after driving.

Immediate rinsing or dumping of your mat can help you eliminate stains of coffee and alcohol and stop them from sticking to your mat stubbornly.

But you can clean stubborn and immense stains of salt and sand at least once per week by hosing and soaking in soap.

Brushing off is also necessary when hosing doesn’t eradicate these stains.

With thorough and frequent washing, you’ll manage to keep your mat looking new.

Advantages of Smartliner FloorMats

Smartliner floor mats are far more affordable compared to other brands and are designed to give protection and elegance to your car’s interior.

Smartliner was initially called Maxiliner. It is a section of Kramer accessories, a global but family-owned firm that deals with accessories that protect all types of vehicles.

Smartliner floor mat is the fundamental product in this company, and they design it from low-density polyethylene.

These floor liners are long-lasting and rugged, yet flexible and easy to handle. 

The manufacturer uses advanced computer modeling to achieve a perfect custom fit in crafting smartliner floor mats.

They shield liquids and filths from getting to your carpet, and also disable these junks from spilling over once down there.

That’s why smartliner floor mats have raised outer edges to restrict mud, spills, and melted snow from spreading to your car carpet.

You can remove junk from your vehicle without messing with your carpet by just lifting your smartliner floor mats.

Below is a list of benefits that smartliner floor mats offer:

  • Relatively cheaper than weathertech floor mats.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Has sleek channels that trap messes to prevent them from spreading down there.
  • Contains raised outer edges that prevent junk from spreading to your car carpet.
  • They’re custom fit, hence easy to install in your car.
  • They have a lifetime warranty.

Disadvantages of Smartliner FloorMats

Like weathertech floor mats, smartliner floor mats don’t have limitations unless maintenance is inadequate.

They’re manufactured to bring elegance to your car’s interior and protect your carpet.

But once spoiled by grimes, they become vulnerable to intense damage.

Especially if you let stains last for long without dumping or brushing them off.

Some messes that can easily spoil your smartliner floor mat include sand, salt, water, and drink spills. 

The wet messes like drinks and water contribute to the build-up of molds, which could be hard to remove easily.

Sand and shoe dust can stick stubbornly in your smartliner mats, making them ugly and less shiny.

You don’t want people getting into your car and finding stains all over your mat.

Besides, the existence of the stains for a long time can reduce your mat’s resale value by destroying its quality.

Always have a ready schedule for dusting off and dumping your mats after short and long trips to clear these messes.

You could have children spill coffee without your awareness, assuming they’re clean. That could allow stains to stick and make your work difficult.

But dumping and soaking your mats after a drive could help you quickly counter such issues.

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Comparison of Weathertech and Smartliner FloorMats

There are more similarities than differences between weathertech and smartliner floor mats.

The only practical difference between weathertech floor mats and smartliner floor mats is their raised edges.

The raised edge in the smartliner floor mat isn’t as prominent as in weathertech, but it’s still pretty decent.

While weathertech floor mats give your car carpet maximum protection against damage by messes, smartliner floor mats give protection plus elegance. 

Below is a side-by-side comparison of weathertech floor mats and smartliner floor mats:

FeaturesWeathertech floor mats Smartliner floor mats 
Manufacturers MacNeil Automotive Products LimitedKramer accessories
Prices Slightly priceyCheap
Colors Brown, Black, GreyBlack, Grey, Brown 
Materials High-Density Tri-ExtrudedLow-density polyethylene 
Style features Raised Ridges, Recessed ChannelsSleek channels, raised edges 
FitCustom and Trim-To-FitFit

Key Takeaways 

It’s now clear that both weathertech floor mats and smartliner floor mats can give your car carpet maximum protection from liquid and solid junks.

They have raised outer edges to ensure every inch of your car carpet is safe from messes. 

They’re also durable and elastic, making them easy to use and clean for a long time. 

Smartliner floor mats are slightly cheaper than weathertech floor mats, but their raised edges aren’t as prominent as weathertech.

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