Weathertech Vs OEM All-weather Floor Mats. Which is Better

Floor Mats and liners are the simplest to install. The difference comes in cleaning and how they make your car interior look. 

I purchased some OEM Mats for my Ford Ranger 2018, and apart from how well they protected my car’s interior, I’d still prefer Weathertech Mats in terms of quality. 

Fabric mats look great and make your car look new but have extreme challenges when you need to clean them. 

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The next step is to replace your car mats, but the question remains; between Weathertech Vs OEM floor mats, which one is worth backing? 

Weathertech Vs OEM Floor Mats

Two Main Brands for Your Vehicle’s Floor Coverage

Weathertech Floor Mats

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OEM Floor Mats

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  • Weathertech Floor Mats
  • OEM Floor Mats

Both OEM and weathertech floor mats match the interior of  your specific vehicles. The OEM floor, however, has a factory look and feel as they look like they are part of your car. 

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OEM Floor Mats

These mats come installed in your vehicle or can be sold separately by your dealership. 

The kind of OEM you get depends entirely on your dealer. 

Most OEM mats are generic and not a custom fit for your vehicle. 

Additionally, they are of poorer quality and less costly than weathertech mats. 

Why Do OEM and Weathertech Floor Mats Compare?

Companies that design weathertech floor mats primarily specialize in designing floor liners. 

The life and breath are in-floor liners, always looking out for customer feedback on their quality and durability. 

Most weathertech floor mats offer more coverage than OEM mats do. Their look is also more fabulous. 

Point of ComparisonWeathertech MatsOEM Mats
QualityThey’re always a better pickQuality depends on dealer
CoverageMost if not all offer 100% coverageCoverage is offered by very few of them
ColorLots of color options to choose fromFew color options to choose from

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What Makes Weathertech Mats Better?

  1. They have a Better Fitment.

The same manufacturers of specific vehicles manufacture OEM mats. Their fittings are universal or semi-universal. 

Universal fitting mats fit in different vehicles without needing any adjustments. 

The downside of a universal fitting is you cannot adjust them to a size that will fit your specific vehicle. 

Weathertech mats, however, are designed and configured to fit your footwell perfectly. 

An excellent example of such mats is the Weathertech Digital Fit. 

Apart from being seamless and making your car’s interior look spectacular, weathertech mats are measured and made a perfect fit for your car. 

Custom-fit floor mats are like a glove. This means that they perfectly fit into your vehicle and not any other. 

  1. Better Quality

The quality of OEM mats depends on what your dealer sells you. 

Once you buy a vehicle, dealers will try to entice you with extra car accessories such as mats, window tint and pinstriping. 

In the back of their minds, the dealers know you’ve spent so much already on your vehicle and feel you wouldn’t mind an extra coin for the accessories. 

Unfortunately, these OEM mats are already overpriced, but the quality does not in any way meet the high price. 

People who’ve specialized in designing floor mats are responsible for manufacturing weathertech floor mats. 

Their quality supersedes the OEM quality by far. 

In addition to this, their warranties are longer. 

Weathertech mats are made of either plastic or rubber and function best during harsh winters or rubbing against boots. 

  1. They Contain Messes Better.

OEM mats have poorer performance when compared to weathertech mats. 

They lack such channeling and raised edges which help to contain dirt and offer protection to your vehicle’s carpet. 

Weathertech mats, on the other hand, are designed to protect your vehicle’s interior. 

Their surface channels are advanced and come with raised edges that prevent dirt from reaching the surface of your vehicle. 

OEM mat’s channels are shallow with flat edges. 

  1. Weathertech Mats are Cheaper.

OEM mats are pricier. 

It isn’t easy noticing the high price of the OEM mats. Dealers ensure to tie their cost to the overall price of the vehicle you’re purchasing. 

Weathertech mats are more affordable and designed to offer more protection to your vehicle. 

You can get a set of weathertech mats for as low as $84.90. 

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  1. Weathertech Mats are Easier to Order

You can only find OEM mats in dealership stores. 

You have to physically visit the actual dealership to purchase the mats, which in most cases is an inconvenience. 

The financial manager may use this opportunity not only to say hello but make you purchase a new vehicle. 

You may exceed an already planned budget by purchasing an OEM mat and a vehicle at the same time. 

Weathertech mats offer great convenience as you can purchase them online, wherever you are. 

Weathertech mats are available in their newer and older versions, unlike OEM mats which you can only find in their current or newest models. 

  1. Better Coverage Options

Weathertech mats again beat the OEM mats when it comes to coverage. 

Most OEM mats do not offer your vehicle full coverage. 

They come in short edges which don’t adequately cover the sides of the footwell. 

Due to this, your car’s surface or carpet becomes susceptible to mud and other forms of residue. 

When the dirt gets to the surface of your carpet, it causes quick wear and tears. 

If you’re fortunate to find an OEM mat that offers full coverage, you need to be ready to pay an extra cost. 

The advantage of weathertech mats is their perfect fit for your vehicle. 

They cover all the footwell sides, preventing dirt from getting to the carpet. 

Some weathertech designs go beneath the seat and pedal. 

This allows them to offer maximum protection to your vehicle from unnecessary elements which could harm your car’s surface.

  1. There’s a Wider Variety of Weathertech Mats.

There are limited varieties of OEM mats available. 

For instance, the only manufacturer of Toyota OEM mats is Toyota itself. 

Weathertech mats are available from different companies. 

Weathertech mats come in different designs, finishes, and materials. 

This offers you a variety of options to choose from. 

  1. Weathertech Mats are Available in More Colors

Just like weathertech mats have a variety of designs to choose from, you will also find many colors to choose from. 

You’ll find many available brands in black, gray, and tan. 

You will still find some weather tech mats available in at least eight colors. 

Different colors allow you to choose a mat that perfectly matches your vehicle’s interior. 

I purchased a weathertech mat for my black sports car, whose interior is red stitching. 

Luckily, there were mats available in black color with red stitching that went perfectly well with my car’s interior. 

Regarding OEM mats, you will find only two colors available to choose from. 

If you want one that goes perfectly with your vehicle’s interior, you’d need to pay extra to the dealer to allow them to design it to one that will suit your preference. 

  1. Weathertech Mats Stay in Place Better.

Both OEM and weathertech mats have an excellent retention system.

They have nibs beneath them that prevent the mats from moving from their place, offering comfort to your feet as you drive. 

Weathertech mats, however, go an extra mile in keeping the back of the mat more in place. 

Since the weathertech mats stay more in place than the OEM mats, they enhance their features by offering perfect protection to your vehicle’s surface and the entire interior. 

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Final Thoughts

When weighing your options between weathertech and OEM mats, you’ve got to first look at their differences. 

There are better options of weathertech mats available in more excellent quality and at more affordable prices. 

However, if you are having an agonizing wait, you can spread out your vehicle’s payment and get an OEM mat designed for your specific vehicle by the dealer. 

Ensure to check customer reviews regarding the weathertech and OEM mats before making a final decision. 

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