Weathertech Floor Mats Review

Are you tired of how your car mats keep following your feet around? Weathertech floor mats are your go-to solution.

Some car mats on the driver’s seat can be annoying, especially if they keep sliding forward as you drive. 

It’s not fun to keep repositioning the mats with your feet to get them back in place.

It’s pretty annoying.

Additionally, there are those car mats you can never get clean. No matter how much you wash them, a tiny stain becomes a lifetime challenge.

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Floor Mats

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You don’t want to imagine how they can become when it’s muddy, or I’d your dog suffers a mishap!

The good news is that you no longer have to go through that trouble.

For over 30 years, WeatherTech has been diligently and competently delivering high-quality floor mats.

These mats are easy to clean and have an anti-slip floor.

They’re the best if you intend to:

  • Preserve your car’s resale value
  • Protect your car’s flooring from dirt and spills

And come in custom and universal designs.

To help you understand the suitable designs for your car, we’re going to look at the must-know features of each.

What are the Features of WeatherTech Floor Mats?

Unlike other industry car mats, weathertech floor mats are easy to clean and trap spills and dirt to protect your car’s flooring.

The following list captures the best features weathertech floor mats have:

  1. Advanced Rubber

The first impression you get after buying weathertech floor mats is their smooth rubber.

Car mats come in different materials, including:

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Among them, rubber is the most durable, which should be a guiding factor when buying accessories for your car.

Weathertech manufactures rubber mats from an advanced rubber known as Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound.

As a result, weathertech floor mats are resistant to scratches. 

They can also resist high degrees of thrashing from mud, spills, snow, muck, and other messes.

Other advantages of advanced rubber material include:

  • Water resistance – Rubber is a waterproof material. So, you don’t have to worry about your mats soaking in moisture and causing mold and rust to your car’s flooring.
  • Easy to clean – Rubber surfaces are non-stick. Therefore, you can easily clean dirt from your weathertech floor mats.
  • No fading – Weathertech floor mats don’t fade even under exposure to extreme weather conditions or after being in use for many years. This is because they’re made out of a molding combination of natural and synthetic rubber.
  • Flexible – Rubber enables weathertech floor mats to remain without cracks or curls around edges in high or low temperatures. 
  1. Reservoir System

Weathertech floor mats feature a reservoir system that prevents debris from spreading on your car.

The advanced surfacing creates channels that carry fluids and debris to a lower reservoir with further channeling to help reduce fluid movement while driving.

Dirt, spills, and muck stay in one place because of these deep grooves.

As a result, you have your shoes and feet moisture and dirt-free.

If you spill a drink while driving, you won’t have to deal with your feet sloshing around the mess.

It’s also easy to get rid of the mess when it stays in one place.

  1. Rigid Core

Weathertech floor mats feature a rigid core to increase their stability.

They have a robust and rigid core due to their backing with a high-density tri-exuded material.

Due to their rigid core, weathertech floor mats have a solid grip on your car’s flooring.

Additionally, weathertech floor mats lay flat and don’t slip while in use.

  1. Latex-Free 

WeatherTech puts its mats free from latex compounds. 

This is a considerable advantage, especially if you have latex allergies.

  1. 100% Recyclable

WeatherTech carries its manufacturing business within environmentally friendly practices.

WeatherTech dedicates efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Due to their strict observation of environmentally friendly practices, all WeatherTech products are 100% recyclable.

Used mats are recyclable into other functional rubber products like bumpers and patio umbrellas.

  1. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weathertech floor mats have a limited lifetime warranty.

You can replace your defective floor mats and liners with new ones if you purchase from WeatherTech.

It’s, therefore, unlikely to find products from WeatherTech with defects in quality, materials, and craft.

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What’s The Difference Between WeatherTech Universal and Custom Mats?

Custom-fit floor mats feature a design that allows them to fit in every square inch of floor space that is feasibly possible.

Universal floor mats feature a design that allows them to fit all vehicles on the road.

Which of the two types of weathertech floor mats is best for your car?

Let’s look at each separately to understand their district features.

Custom Fit Floor Liners

Custom-fit floor liners’ design makes them fitting to every square inch of floor space that’s feasibly possible.

They’ll cost you more than ordinary car mats because WeatherTech needs to obtain your car model’s precise measurements for exact engineering.

Laser-precision technology is the most prevalent in making these mats.

Additionally, custom-fit mats fit the exact contours of your car. They feature raised lips that surround the floor and sit flush with the edges of your floor.

As a result, they provide extra protection to your floor because no spills and mess will get to your car floor.

However, it may take the manufacturers a long time to come out with car mats for your car.

You’ll have to allow the engineers to thoroughly research your car to learn the differences with other models and engineer new mats. 

Additionally, they can update the fitment catalog depending on the results.

But you’ll get a car mat faster if you use a new model.

For custom-fit floor mats, you should look for WeatherTech Digital Fit.

WeatherTech Universal Fit Floor Mats

Weathertech universal fit floor mats can fit all vehicles on the road.

This implies that no car has a perfect fit, but their design allows them to cover the most areas for the most number of vehicles.

It’s easy to get your car mat if the area to cover ranges from size 2-4. All you need to do is accurately measure the space you need to cover.

Universal fit weathertech floor mats might not be able to entirely cover all of your floors because they’re not a perfect fit.

But the cost could be lower for one reason: these mats don’t have to be re-engineered every time a new car model comes out.

Additionally, the manufacturing process could involve significant cost reductions because of the availability of only 2-4 sizes against thousands of custom-fit mats.

So, universal fit weathertech floor mats should be perfect if you have an old or obscure car.

Besides, you can consider buying them for your brand new car that doesn’t have engineered custom fit mats.

Are WeatherTech Floor Mats Easy To Clean?

Weathertech floor mats are practically easy to clean whether you live in an apartment or on your land.

Cleaning a weathertech floor mat is just a matter of spraying it down using your garden hose, scrubbing with mold soap, and rinsing it off.

What if you stay in an apartment or don’t have a hose? A bathtub will do. Just place it there and scrub it using soap, then rinse it off.

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Things You Should Know When Cleaning Your WeatherTech FloorMats

 Before getting down with the business, consider each of the following pointers to make your cleaning a success:

  • Loosen debris by hosing down your weathertech floor mats. After which, you should scrub off the aggressive grime with da ish soap solution.
  • You can also fill your tub with soapy water and soak the mats for some minutes. Then scrub them using a sponge.
  • Rinse the mats with water, and let them dry off before reinstalling your car.

Let’s now look at the procedure for cleaning your weathertech floor mats in great detail.

Step 1: Hosing Off Your WeatherTech FloorMat

You can hose off your weathertech floor mats using the steps below:

  1. Remover and Shake Out Your Mat.

You should first remove the retention hooks from each hole in your mat. Get your weathertech floormat out of your car, and shake it thoroughly to remove loose debris.

Additionally, you may hit your mat on a concrete surface to easily get rid of more dirty.

  1. Hose it Down.

Place your weathertech floor mat on the ground, and hose it.

Using your hose’s spray nozzle jet to blast away dirt that is loosely attached to the mat is easier.

Otherwise, give it a good soaking to get it wet. Dirt will easily come out when your mat is totally wet.

  1. Scrub with Mild Detergent and Water.

Get a few drops of mild laundry into a bucket and fill it with water. Dip a cleaning brush or a sponge in the solution, and use it to scrub both sides of the mat until it’s clean.

But avoid harsher or more abrasive cleaners like degreasers and foam cleaners because they may damage your weathertech floor mats.

Also, WeatherTech advises against using silicone-based agents. They may make your mat slippery and dangerous when driving. When a floor mat gets out of place, it may cause pedal jamming, which accounts for many auto accidents.

  1. Rinse Clean, Dry, and Reinstall.

Hose your weathertech floor mat again until you remove all traces of soap. You can then leave it to air-dry or use a towel tk dry it off before returning it to your car.

Reinstalling it before it fully dries can cause growth of molds, which would bring bad odors to your car.

It’s worse when the flooring absorbs the wetness because it can start to rust.

After drying your weathertech floor mat, make sure you place it in the appropriate position in your car. Then, reattach all retention hooks to ensure the mat is fixed in place.

Additionally, double check the driver’s mat to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the pedals before driving your car again.

Step 2: Cleaning Your WeatherTech FloorMat in the Bath Tub

Having no hose is no excuse to have your weatheretech floor mat dirty. Follow the following procedures to clean your weathertech floor mats in the bath tub.

  1. Take Your WeatherTech FloorMat Out and Shake it Thoroughly.

Unhook your car mat from retention hooks. Then shake it thoroughly to remove loose debris.

You can also hit it on a wall to remove the debris quickly.

  1. Fill Your Tub With Soapy Water.

Ensure the drain to your bath tub is closed before adding mild detergent. Then fill it halfway with water.

But it’s essential to take the following into consideration;

Strictly use mild detergent – harsher chemicals and abrasive agents may damage your weatheretech floor mats.

Additionally, avoid silicone-based products. They cause slipperiness, which may be dangerous when driving because your mat will easily cause pedal jamming.

  1. Soak and Scrub.

Place your weathertech floormat in the tub. Give it ten minutes to an hour to soak so the dirt can loosen. 

Then scrub each side with a cleaning brush or sponge.

You may also use a cloth if you don’t have the other two.

  1. Rinse with Clean Water, Dry, and Reinstall.

The bathwater can be dirty after cleaning. If so, drain the tub and refill with clean water to rinse.

Air-dry or towel-dry your weathertech floor mat before returning it to your car. Doing this will help you prevent moisture and wetness that contributes to molding and rusting.

  1. Reinstall Your WeatherTech FloorMat.

Again, place each mat in its appropriate position in the car – driver, and passenger are on their right sides.

Reattach the retention hooks to hold your mats in place. Confirm with the driver’s mat that it doesn’t interfere with the pedals before driving again.

Making A Decision: Are WeatherTech FloorMats Worth?

We’ve looked at many features of weathertech floor mats, which we can use to answer this question.

Depending on your car’s make, you can choose to go for a custom fit or universal fit weathertech floor mat.

So, they’re worth it because they come in different designs and offer maximum protection to your SUV or other car models.

Get the measurements for your car floor to know which one between custom fit or universal fit weathertech floor mats will be best for your vehicle.

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