Wade Floor Mats Vs. Weathertech (Comparison Guide)

No matter how careful you’re, the mess will always find its way into your car. This makes it impossible to operate without installing a high-quality floor mat.

But it’d be even worse to install a low-quality floor mat that doesn’t fully block mess from spreading to your car’s floor. 

But getting Wade floor mats or WeatherTech into your car can save you from too much mess. These brands offer maximum protection to your car’s interior from any mess.

It’s impossible, though, to have both brands concurrently. This is why you must choose one that meets your preferences and needs.

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Sample Floor Mat

There’s only one way to decide which one is perfect for your car – reviewing its features.

We’ll analyze each floor mat in detail to help you with your purchase decision. Let’s carry out the analysis to help you know whether to go for Wade or WeatherTech floor mats.

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Is Buying Wade Floor Mats Worth My Budget?

Yes, going for Wade floor mats is a perfect choice if you’re working on a small budget. These floor mats are not only elegant, but also affordable at an array of online stores.

Wade floor mats are an excellent choice that will provide:

  • Protection and extension of your car carpets’s life
  • Interior elegance from an exclusive molded rubberized copolymer
  • Complete coverage of front door sills
  • A custom fit design in front, 2nd, & 3rd row areas
  • Accommodation of any factory retention devices
  • Hassle free removal for cleaning
  • An exclusive protection of your carpeted vehicles
  • A limited lifetime warranty backing

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Get the perfect fit for your needs from Wade floor mats. These floor mats are all you need to protect your vehicle and more!

Wade floor mats will protect your vehicle for a long haul from their rigid core and a solid surface. Their uniquely contoured surface offers comfort and traction.

What’s more, they extend beyond the sill plate, enabling the liners to drain any run off, and keep extra dirt, water, and mud from ruining your floor. In addition, their limited lifetime warranty is a guarantee that they’ll serve you for a long time.

Besides looking for protection to your cars interior, its also worth it to look for a way to bring elegance in there too. Luckily for you, Wade floor mats purpose to meet your approval.

They’re not only durably constructed, but also entail a digital engineering to provide you three different colors. Their black, gray, and tan options will compliment your truck’s or car’s needs.

Even better, these floor mats are available to fit in the front, 2nd and 3rd rows. Some vehicles even have the option for a cargo liner.

This means that having a set of Wade floor mats gives you coverage for every row in your vehicle. You may also access sill coverage based on the year, make, and model of your car.

Using these mats gives you an impression you can never get from any other mat. Style and protect your car’s interior with Wade floor mats today!

Are WeatherTech Floor Mats Worth My Budget?

Yes, WeatherTech floor mats provide premium features you never want to miss. But they are more expensive than all the other brands in the market.

But if quality is your number one drive, why not give it a shot?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider going for WeatherTech floor mats:

  1. Protect Your Investment

Its always worth investing in a project that will give enough results in future. You’ve already spent a lot of money on your car, truck, or SUV which makes perfect sense why you should consider protecting your investment.

The last thing you want to do is replace your car’s carpet. So, it is important to protect them with Weathertech floor mats.

If you want to sell your car in a few years, having no water or salt damages will allow you to resale at a high value.

  1. Get Perfect Fitting Mats For Your Vehicle

Not any floor mat can provide the same protection to your car carpet like Weathertech. They’re also not one-size-fit-it-all. 

Weathertech provides custom fit floor mats for your specific make and model. They put size, shape, and specifications into considerations to ensure every inch of your car’s carpet is protected.

  1. Maximum Protection For Your Car Against Elements

During the winter season, snow, ice, and salt can wreak havoc on your car’s interior carpet. Even rain water can ruin your carpet by causing mold. 

Weathertech floor mats protect your car from such a mess to maintain it in great condition. And since you can hardly clean road salt stains, you should invest in these floor mats today. 

  1. Protection of Every Part of Your Car’s Interior

When thinking about car floor mats, your interest may mainly focus on the front seat of your car. But all parts need to be covered against mess.

Weathertech designs floor mats for every part of your car’s floor. Get them for your front seat floor liner, truck liners, or even for pickup trucks.

WeatherTech vs. Wade Floor Mats – Comparison of Key Features

It is not easy to tell which of the two floor mats perfectly meets your needs. But a keen eye on their features may open your mind quickly on the best choice for you.

Again, looking at their features helps you discover what you’re looking for and compare that to what they are offering.

Let’s delve into a head-to-head analysis of the key features of these floor mats to find out which one suits your specific needs.

  1. Brand Comparison – Wade vs. WeatherTech Floor Mats
Wade Floor MatsWeathertech Floor Liners/Mats
The manufacturer presented these floor mats for the first time in 1986. They’re made in the USA well-known Division of Westin. They include Automotive Products Limited. Product range-Sure-Fit floor mats, cargo mats, wind deflectors, bed caps, headlights, and tail light covers. These products are perfect for the latest model trucks and SUVs or CUVs.WeatherTech is an American motor vehicle company that started in 1989. It’s an extremely popular floor liner brand for all car owners. Its line of products includes a massive product range. These items include all-weather floor and cargo liners, universal trim to fit floor mats, and all interior and exterior protection accessories, including auto detailing and cleaning products.

There is no distinction between the two brands regarding their origin and experience in the auto accessories sector. They’re both made in the USA and have over three decades of experience in the industry.

Weathertech is a high-end vehicle accessories brand. Its recognition goes far beyond Wade Auto Floor Mats. 

Even though Wade has a limited Auto Product Range, its reputation is impressive.

But Wade floor mats score lesser when colossal automobile accessories and production capacity factors come into play.

WeatherTech floor liner range is three-fold more than any other premium brand. Their floor liners come in a more extensive range of

  • Makes and models of cars
  • Models and make of trucks
  • Makes and models of SUVs.

Additionally, there are options for older model vehicles.

  1. Material and Design – WeatherTech vs. Wade Floor Mats
WeatherTech Floor Liners/MatsWade Floor Mats
Advanced digital-fit technologyCutting-edge computerized technology
Made of a single-layer High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) materialAuthentic rubberized copolymer (super-strong material)
High raised edges and Techgrip retention surface Designed with rigid core and tactile surfaces
Rugged outer running or deep and shallow grooves Usage of 3M automotive-grade Velcro for excellent grip
Available in four colorsCompliment your car’s interior, especially in three colors; Black, gray, and tan.

Based on material and design, WeatherTech overpowers Wade floor mats for various reasons.

But both floor mats contain a high-quality and flexible rubberized material that remains in shape even in extreme temperatures.

Considering construction criteria, both Wade and WeatherTech use digitally-engineered design methods to craft a textured, non-slip surface for sure footing.

Despite being sturdy, best-fitting, and highest performance materials for their floor liners vary. WeatherTech’s advanced robust TPE material is firmer than Wade’s copolymer material.

Even more, Weathertech is the only brand that designs its floor liners with a separate reservoir – a TechGrip retention device that channels out spills from the passengers and driver’s feet.

The reservoirs enhance maximum protection of the carpets against potential wear.

WeatherTech still scores higher on protecting you from getting hurt while removing the mats for cleaning. They don’t rely on nibs and hooks to keep the floor mat in place; its grippy surface is efficient in fulfilling that need.

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  1. Fitment and Maintenance – Wade vs. WeatherTech Floor Mats
WeatherTech Floor Liners/MatsWade Floor Mats
Laser measured and well-fitting. They’re crafted through injection molding.They’re custom molded to offer full-coverage protection.
Provide two fitment range-custom fit (digital fit) and universal trim to fit.Provide only custom-fit digitized mats.
Extruded cleats create perfect traction.Provide extra traction.
Thicker floor mats. They give complete sidewall protection.Designed to cover front door sills.
Heavy floor mats that offer ease of maintenance.Standard thickness. Easy to install and clean.

Both brands are easy to maintain. The product materials are easy to lift and hose off for quick cleaning.

The fitment characteristic provides wall-to-wall coverage for both front and rear sides.

While WeatherTech features factory mounted points to keep the liners secure and in place, Wade floor mats can accommodate OE retention hooks and have raised textured surfaces for solid traction.

Wade floor mats feature an excellent coverage that extends to the door sill plates. Both brands have no options for automotives with vinyl flooring.

  1. Price and Accessibility – Weathertech vs. Wade Floor mats
Wade Floor MatsWeatherTech Floor Liners/Mats
A cheaper choice. Their price range starts from $50 onwards.A premium brand. WeatherTech is far more costly than Wade.
Available only online. Under the shelter of its parent company Westin, Wade auto makes its products available all over the country using its massive distribution centers.Easily accessible in stores, authorized dealers’ shops, and online marketplaces. Has an excellent inventory and distribution network.

Wade floor mats are more affordable and have the ability to provide elegant interior design to your car. They also last long and are easily accessible online..

Going by reputation and quality, WeatherTech is a premium-priced gbrand. Their products, especially the floor liners are classy and more priced.

But it’s advisable to purchase Weathertech floor mats to upgrade your car’s general outlook and retain a high resale value. You can do that keeping in mind that you’re investing on a lifetime plan that is worth your every coin.

Unfortunately for some people, that’s too much to ask.If your budget can’t allow you to purchase Weathertech floor mats at the moment, you can consider going for Wade floor mats.

Wade is an affordable choice that will secure your car from the aftermaths of daily abuse including spills, dirt, and mud.

  1. Warranty, Return, and Shipping Policy – Wade vs. WeatherTech Floor Mats
Wade Floor MatsWeatherTech Floor Liners/Mats
Limited lifetime cost-effective shipping charges. Exchange or returns are accepted within a 30-day period. They have no international delivery option.Good customer service.Lifetime limited warrantyShipping cost is high 30 days return policyWorldwide availabilityExcellent customer support system

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High-end brands always have customer-oriented policies. The policies include warranty, return, and shipping.

Both WeatherTech and Wade offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products with a 30-day return window. They also levy shipping charges on their product categories.

Going by customer support, warranty,and shipping policy, Weathertech and Wade floor mats are at par.

Wade vs. WeatherTech Floor mats Comparison Summary

FeaturesWade Floor Mats WeatherTech Floor Liners/Mats
Year and country of establishment1986 – USA1989 – USA
Fitment And rangeOnly custom fit limited product lineVariants – custom fit and trim t fit extensive product line
MaterialRubberized copolymer materialHigh-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material and 100% recyclable
DensityLow density High density
Protection All-seasonAll- weather
Thickness  Standard thickness Thicker than all brands 
ColorThree Four 
Vehicle applicationAverageMassive
DesignFeature drip barriersFeature special reservoir 
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Shp chargesCost-effective High

Bottom Line

Floor mats are an integral part of your car’s interior’s safety and style. Weathertech and Wade floor mats are excellent choice for your truck, car, or SUV.

These brands are at the cutting-edge of the market and provide durable as well as elegant floor mats for your vehicle.

WeatherTech is more premium-priced, but its reputation has all the reasons why you should go for their lines of products.

If you’re running on budget, Wade is a better option that will provide maximum protection and elegance in your car.

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