Top 5 Non-Slip Swimming Pool Floor Mats (2022)

Have you ever slipped on a slippery floor? If so, you understand the dangers of walking on the edges of a pool.

For your safety at the pool, you need non-slip swimming pool floor mats.

Unlike household carpets, these are meant to provide more than beauty.

Please walk with me in this short article as we cover the top 5 non-slip swimming pool floor mats.

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Why Do You Need Non-Slip Swimming Pool Floor Mats?

An easy answer – for protection against falls and injuries at the pool.

If you frequent the pool, you must understand the dangers of walking barefoot. You can try to imagine what could happen to you if you fell on the edges of a pool.

Even if you haven’t witnessed people fall in the pool, you have felt how easily you can lose balance when walking from the bathroom barefoot, particularly when you don’t dry your feet well.

The flooring at the pool is rough enough to break a bone. Falling flat on your head can cause severe injuries and cost you a fortune in treatment.

Sad, right?

But why feel sorry when you can solve this problem once and for all and keep these risks behind you? Installing a non-slip swimming pool floor mat ensures your feet are dry, preventing you from falls and injuries.

But you don’t just need a non-slip pool floor mat, you need a floor mat that provides the best protection at your pool deck.

An ideal swimming pool floor mat features a quick-drying surface to absorb water from your feet and prevent you from slipping on the floor. Neither does the floor mat move out of place because its non-slip bottom keeps it in place.

Let’s quickly narrow down to the benefits of installing a non-slip swimming pool floor mat:

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  • Increases Safety

When water splashes out of the swimming pool, the edges become cold, wet, and slippery. Walking on a slippery floor can cause you a serious injury.

For that reason, you need to minimize chances of slipping around the swimming pool. There’s no better way to keep the area around the pool dry and safe for walking than installing a non-slip swimming pool floor mat.

The matting ensures your feet grip on the surface firmly, preventing the chances of falling and hurting yourself.

But ensure the installation is done correctly to enable the matting to drain excess water efficiently.

A non-slip swimming pool floor mat’s surface is comfortable to walk on bare feet. You can walk on the matting confidently because it’ll not slide. 

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  • Improves Hygiene

Intense swimming involves interaction with people of all caliber and could mess up your swimming pool environment. Think about the mess oils and shampoos bring along your pool. 

Installing a swimming pool floor mat provides hygiene, allowing you to carry on with your business without minding messes.

Even better, non-slip swimming pool floor mats are made from PVC. So, no fungi or bacteria can grow around these mats.

Neither does PVC react with oils from shampoos or soaps. So it’s safe and durable because it doesn’t wear or fade over time.

A bonus benefit: some mats feature antimicrobial treatments that hinders the growth of mold and mildew. That said, no danger will reach you if you walk on these mats on bare feet.

  • Eases Cleaning

Without a floor matting, you’d have to busy yourself with upkeep every now and then. 

Frequenting the pool means that area will get messy, so you’ll have to maintain regular cleaning to drain out hazardous standing water.

But installing a non-slip swimming pool floor mat saves you from upkeep struggle. With its holes underneath, no overspill water will remain on the surface.

You’ll only need to eliminate the hazardous water when you’re free by rolling it up to disinfect. With a dry surface to step on, you’ll stay safe from water-borne infections too.

So, installing non-slip swimming pool floor mats is a great way to save your time and effort, while keeping your pool area clean.

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Hacks to Identify High Quality Swimming Pool Floor Mats

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits, you might be wondering how to go about sporting a high-quality non-slip swimming pool floor mat.

You want a swimming pool floor mat that will provide health and physical safety at the pool.

Length, shape, and color may be part of your top priorities, but you need a mat that considers your safety more than anything.

So many considerations come to mind when going for a purchase. What I first consider is whether I want to use the mat indoors or outdoors.

But the most critical considerations when purchasing a brand new non-slip swimming pool floor mat are:

  1. Durability.

If it’s durable, then you won’t have to return to the stores soon for another floor mat. So that should be the first consideration to make.

Focus on options that can serve you well over different seasons without wearing down. That way you’re sure to have your mat for a long time before going back to your supplier.

  1. Non-slip surface.

You want a mat that will grip your surface strongly to keep you safe from falling and breaking your jaw. A premium quality swimming pool floor mat won’t slide when you’re walking on its surface.

The quality of treads on these mats is so remarkable that they can’t move out of place, even when water and oil splashes over. Their traction enables you to stand firm on potentially harmful surfaces.

  1. Hassle-free Maintenance.

Go for the option that’s not difficult to maintain. When buying, I consider a swimming pool floor mat that I can remove mess by just vacuuming.

Easy-cleaning allows you to move on with your daily chores after a short time of vacuuming out the debris on them. They also allow you to use your resources on more important things than costly cleaning agents.

  1. Strong Grip Material.

Spend more to get a mat with high-quality grip material like PVC, instead of low-quality plastics that won’t last long.

  1. Temperature Friendly.

You don’t want a mat that works best only at certain temperatures. Please check for options that can withstand cold and hot temperatures.

  1. Quality Material.

Not all mats can provide premium benefits. Some are woven out of low-quality products. So they can’t allow you to enjoy the benefits of a high-class swimming pool floor mat.

Please consider options that offer the highest durability. While at this, confirm if the mat has a non-slip surface to ensure safety around the pool for a long period of time.

What are the Top 5 Non-Slip Swimming Pool Floor Mats?

When purchasing a swimming pool floor mat, you want an option that will be durable and highly protective. That’s where the necessity to identify the top 5 Best non-slip swimming pool floor mats chips in.

Here are the top 5 best non-slip swimming pool floor mats:

  1. M+A Anti Slip Swimming Pool Deck Mat:

M+A Anti Slip Swimming Pool Deck Mat is the go-to choice if you’re on a budget. Despite being pocket-friendly, it’s perfect-fit for your swimming pool and non-slip.

What’s more, this swimming pool floor mat doesn’t allow the generation of bacteria. The best place to install it is around the pool deck area close to the ladder.

It’s also a great safety tool around other wet areas like the bathroom, locker rooms and spa. 


  • Measures: 36 inches(L) x 24 inches(W) x 0.25 inches(H)
  • Net Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Material: Rubber Foam.
  • Color: Blue


  • Provides maximum safety around wet areas. 
  • Prevents growth of germs and bacteria.
  • Features a soft surface that makes it comfortable for the elderly and kids.
  • Features large drain holes that keep the surface dry to prevent mold and odors.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Features an anti-fatigue surface, providing comfort in spa and healthcare.


  • Its temperature rises when directed to extremely hot sunlight.
  1. HYSA Pool Floor Mat:

If you’re looking for a swimming pool floor mat that fits perfectly, this is your ideal choice. It allows you to dry off your feet before stepping into your house.

You can also use this mat in your kitchen, bathroom, locker room, spa, and sauna bath.


  • Color: Gray.
  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride.
  • Dimensions: 35 inches(L) x 23 inches(W) x 0.4 inches
  • Net Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: HYS


  • Perfect fit for your pool area.
  • Features large drainage holes that keep your pool area clean and dry.
  • Fits many wet places apart from the pool like bathroom and spa.
  • Its large holes ensure no water remains on the mat, easing cleaning.
  • It’s made out of a strong and durable PVC material.
  • Easy to roll and store.


  • Only suitable for personal use, but not the best option for high traffic commercial use.
  1. SMABEE Interlocking Pool Mat:

This mat is the most suitable for wet and damp places. It drains water leaving the pool area clean and dry.

It’s made out of PVC, making it durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

It fits in your kitchen, spa, bathroom, locker room, and toilet. You can also use it in your boat, kennels, camps, home gym, and bathhouse.


  • Dimensions: Each block – 11.5 inches(L) x11.5 inches(W) x 1 inch
  • Net Weight: 2.35 Pounds
  • Material: PVC blocks


  • Has large drainage holes that drain all the water to prevent growth of mold and odor.
  • It fits many indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • It’s ideal for personal and commercial use.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Features a rubber bottom for strong grip.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Available in many different patterns.
  • Suitable for camping and pet areas.


  • You may feel uncomfortable standing on it for a very long time.
  1. VinTile Interlocking Pool Mat:

A Vintile interlocking pool mat is ideal for your pool area because of its large drainage holes. It also features a mesh hole design to bring perfect drainage in your pool area.

It is also easy to clean and maintain this mat. Its interlocking tiles can fit into any surface, rendering it ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. 

Besides the pool area, this mat is a great fit for your balcony, bathroom, kitchen, patio, and deck areas. It’s also the best choice for camping, boats, and pet areas. 


  • Dimensions: Single tile – 12 inches(L) x 12 inches(W) x 1 inch(H)
  • Net Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC)
  • Manufacturer: VinTile


  • Hassle-free installation and fits in many places.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Non-slip, providing the best safety and protection.
  • Features mesh hole design that ensures your pool area is dry and clean.
  • Perfect for pet areas.


  • Uncomfortable to stand on for long, and certainly not the best to stand on bare feet.
  • Smaller size options than its counterparts.
  1. Kooli Swimming Pool Mat:

If you fancy sitting on the poolside Kooli Floor mat is your go-to swimming pool mat. It remains cool even when the sun is extremely hot.

It comes in a set of 4 individual mats. 

Kooli swimming pool floor mat is made from a high-quality flexible material called Neoprene. And it’s specifically made for swimming pools.

It’s also waterproof and anti-slip. Your swimming costumes are safe when you install the Kooli swimming pool floor mat.


  • Dimensions: 16 inches(L) x 16 inches(W) x 0.2 inches(H)
  • Net Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Manufacturer: KOOLI


  • Prevents slipping in the pool area.
  • Comfortable for kids and small people.
  • Dirt and sand resistant.
  • Keep your bath rug safe from damage.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Tool small for an adult.
  • Too light to withstand strong winds. It’ll easily get blown away by strong winds.


Having a non-slip floor mat brings safety in your pool area. It also makes the cleaning easy because you only have to vacuum the mat after a while.

But you may be uncertain which mat to buy from the variety of options in the market. 

This article has listed the top quality non-slip swimming pool floor mats to help you make an informed decision easily.

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