Smart Floor Mats Review

Are you on the search for great car floor mats that fit well? It’s sometimes hard to find a car mat that covers your car’s flooring entirely.

This brings about the problem of rusting or molding once spills and dirt get to your car flooring.

Worse than that, you could have to resell your car at an extremely low value once its flooring isn’t in good shape.

What’s good is that you can avoid all the trouble by getting smart Floor mats for your car.

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Floor Mats

Smart floor mats cover all spaces of your car’s flooring.

I’ve compiled the features and benefits of having smart floor mats to help you understand why you need to get some for your car.

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What are The Features of Smart FloorMats?

Smart floor mats are designed to offer maximum protection to your car. Not for a short duration, but for many years because they’re stiff and resilient.

Smartliner floor mats are a product of plastic-rubber blend and polyethylene – a combination that prevents them from breaking and cracking.

Even better, smartliner floor mats are easy to install and durable because of their stiffness and flexibility. It’s also because of these properties that smartliner floor mats never lose their shape.

What’s special about them is their ability to offer 100% protection to your car’s flooring.

How is this so?

Their raised edges guarantee your car’s flooring protection against solid and liquid mess.

Once these messes get into your car, smart floor mats will trap them and prevent them from spreading all over your car’s flooring.

Additionally, there are different options for every car on the road. That said, you can get smartliner floor mats for your small car, truck, SUV, or minivan.

Smartliner is well aware of variations in seasons and designs smartliner mats in a way that they can withstand all seasons.

To get a clearer picture of the benefits of smartliner floor mats, let’s look at each of their features in great detail.

  1. Precision 3D Scanning

We use 3D scanning technology to ensure a precise fit for your vehicle. So you don’t have to estimate the size of your car’s flooring.

That saves you the worry of getting mats that don’t perfectly fit your car’s flooring. Inaccurate estimates could sabotage your efforts to reduce the chances of getting your car’s flooring spoiled.

Remember, you could keep your car in good shape to maintain a high resale value.

You don’t want to drive one car in a lifetime. Reselling will give you an opportunity to explore more options in the market that matches your preferences and needs.

3D scanning technology also ensures you get a smartliner mats for your specific model. Even better, these mats bring absolute customization to your car interior because they come specifically for your car.

  1. Flexible Material

Smartliner floor mats are sturdy, which makes them last longer. But flexible enough to allow you easily install and remove them from your case.

It’s hard to get accessories that are durable yet flexible. Smartliner floor bring a different experience regarding that.

You can use them for many years because they are durable and have an easy time placing them in and outside your car.

We understand the need to clean these mats once in a while, which is why a flexible material is used.

So, you’ll just spend less time and effort getting them out for washing and reinstalling them once dry.

But we also understand the need for durability, ensuring they’re sturdy for long-term use.

  1. 100% Recyclable

Imagine the damage there would be to the environment if these car mats were not recyclable. Smartliner floor mat manufacturing takes into consideration the need for using recyclable materials.

To avoid the catastrophic effects of dumping, smartliner floor mats are 100 percent recyclable. You’ll not use smartliner floor mats forever, which means they need to go through other processes when you’re done with them.

Instead of spoiling the environment by throwing them away, smartliner recycles their car mats for different other products.

It’s also possible to recycle smartliner mats yourself. How about using them for other purposes after serving in your car’s flooring for a long?

Here are different ways you can recycle smartliner floor mats:

  • Using them as floor mats for leaky containers in the garage or basement
  • Using them as boot trays inside your house
  • Using them to protect the garage floor where you keep important items from wear and tear
  • Using them to prevent moisture tracking in your basement when there’s wet weather 
  • Placing them beside a kitty litter box to prevent the litter from being tracked all over the house
  • Placing them in a pet cage – it’ll act as a durable and soft place for your pet to nap
  • Spreading it across your truck’s tailgate to protect it
  1. 100% Odorless

We make all our products with odorless technology to ensure your vehicle’s interior stays odor-free.

Most people you carry won’t be okay with smells coming from your car. You could also feel sick because of the odors while driving.

Getting smartliner floor mats ensures you don’t have that problem at all. You’ll drive comfortably, not to bore you or your passengers.

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  1. Wide Color Selection

Your preferences for colors vary from those of another person. With our multiple color choices, you can opt for the color that best fits your preference.

This means you can even get different colors for your different vehicles. You’d maybe like to surprise your loved one with car accessories, and this is the absolute way to personalize the gift.

  1. Safe to Use

Smartliner mats are user-friendly. Smartliner manufacturing takes much consideration for safety retention.

They won’t harm you or your car at all.

  1. Lifetime Warranty

Smartliner floor mats are ultimately the best if you’re looking for long-lasting options. 

Our 10-year- warranty is an ideal assurance of the high quality of our smartliner floor mats.

  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning smartliner floor mats isn’t a hassle because you can use a cloth and some soap to get it neat.

When removing debris or grime from smartliner floor mats, you just need to scrub with a damp cloth and mild soap.

A brush would do if you found one, but you can still use a cloth or a sponge to eliminate the stubborn mess.

Are Smart FloorMats Easy To Clean?

Smartliner floor mats are absolutely easy to clean and maintain, which is an additional benefit you get when you install them in your car.

Imagine you just need a damp cloth or sponge and a soap solution to eliminate the mess from your smartliner floor mats.

Having a hose pipe can even get you better results in cleaning smartliner floor mats.

Before embarking on the whole cleaning process, I’d like to air out some mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Smartliner Floor Mats

Cleaning your smartliner floor mats frequently gets your car clean and smelling nice. 

But there are mistakes during this process that could slow down your efforts to uphold your car’s value.

Below are common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your smartliner floor mats:

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  1. Using Abrasive Cleaners

Do you know abrasive cleaners can damage your smartliner floor mats’ surfaces? The pressure is too high to keep your car mat in shape after using these cleaners.

Cleaning your smartliner floor mats will potentially tear it down. And your car mat won’t last long because of the potential wear and tear.

So, kindly avoid abrasive cleaners to keep your smartliner free from wear and extend its time to serve your car’s flooring. 

  1. Using Silicone-Based Products

Please avoid using silicone-based products for your safety while driving. 

Why is this? Silicone-based products cause slipperiness.

Once you clean your smartliner floor mats using silicone-based products, it’ll be difficult to place your feet in a steady position. 

It’ll be damned hard to drive in this situation. It could be even worse if your smartliner floor mats fail to stay in place.

Imagine struggling to refix your car mat with your feet, yet it’s slippery underneath and on the upper surface.

That could lead to an accident when the latter causes pedal jamming.

I’d urge you to avoid silicone-based cleaners to keep your smartliner floor mats dry and in place while driving. 

  1. Using Pressure Washer 

As much as you need convenient cleaning items, a pressure washer could be the worst option when cleaning your smartliner floor mats.

We both agree that these washing machines generate extremely high pressure that can easily eliminate the most stubborn grimes. But they’re not safe.

Too much pressure can tear down your smartliner floor mat surfaces. The excess pressure from a pressure washer can easily punch holes in wooden surfaces.

Smartliner floor mats being less stiff could have the most incredible damage you don’t want to imagine.

So, avoid using pressure washers to clean your smartliner floor mats to maintain them in that good quality for many years.

  1. Reinstalling Wet Smartliner Floor Mats 

It’s not a bright idea to return your smartliner floor mats to your car before they’re entirely dry.

It might not be an instruction at purchase, but wetness in your car can lead to many problems.

Count them from foul smells, molds, and rust. All these can cause odors and a decline in your car value.

Rust will lower the status of your car’s flooring apart from causing rusty smells, which aren’t so good for your and your passengers.

Molding can cause odors you won’t like either.

The best way to prevent odors and rusting in your car is by ensuring you completely dry your smartliner floor mats before reinstalling them in your car.

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Step By Step Procedure For Cleaning Smart FloorMats

After dwelling on the potential problems when washing your smartliner floor mats, let’s delve into the procedure for cleaning them.

As you can see, these mats contain plastic material. It’s always an easy task to clean plastic items.

Let’s list some of the reasons why you can get rid of waste from plastic material.

To begin with, plastics don’t rust, so you can easily wash them with water and dry them off.

Grimes doesn’t hold too much on these items, making the process of detaching it easy. You can wipe off the mess with a sponge and a soap solution, and you’re good to go.

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Now onto the step-by-step process of cleaning your smartliner floor mats:

  1. Hit on a Concrete

After removing your smartliner floor mats, you can eliminate debris by hitting them on a hard surface – preferably a concrete surface.

Alternatively, you can hit them on a wall. But ensure you can’t spread the debris to yourself or places you don’t want to spoil.

  1. Hose it Down

Hitting your smartliner floor mats on concrete can eliminate the loosely attached debris. Hosing it down will remove the stubborn ones.

Again, seek an open space to avoid spoiling surfaces you don’t want to spoil with dirt.

Then place your smartliner floor mats on the ground, preferably on the grass, to avoid dirtifying the bottom surface, then hose them down.

  1. Scrub with a Cloth/Brush/Sponge and A Soap Solution 

Even after hosing down, some grimes will remain on the surfaces of your smartliner floor mats.

Scrubbing is the next step to clearing the stubborn mess.

Rub the surfaces of your smartliner floor mats gently until all grime is no more.

  1. Rinse off

 A hose can help hasten the process of rinsing your smartliner floor mats. But you can still pour water using a bucket on both surfaces of the car mat.

Rinsing separates the cleaned-out mess from your smartliner floor mats, leaving it to dry without traces of dirt.

Bottom Line

You definitely want to protect your car’s flooring, and smartliner floor mats are the best option for that need.

The 3d technology will ensure every inch of your car’s flooring is safe from spills and dirt.

Get one today and maintain a high resale value for your car as you enjoy a clean interior with your passengers.

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