Quadratec Vs. Rugged Ridge Floor Mats

When it comes to protecting your Jeep Wrangler‘s floor, you have many options.

Whether an SUV or Truck, you can find floor liners that best fit your needs. That’s in terms of brand, quality, texture, and color.

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Jeep Wrangler

Of all the mats available on the market, Quadratec and Rugged Ridge floor mats are one of the leading options.

Both come from leading brands that provide quality accessories to help protect the interiors of your Jeep vehicle.

The difference? 

Quadratec floor mats are costly but have superior quality and durability. That’s due to the brand’s 30+ years of experience. As for Rugged Ridge floor mats, they boast quality construction, fitment, and the latest technology.

This guide seeks to help you choose the best floor mat for your vehicle. Here’s how Quadratec vs. Rugged Ridge floor mats compares:

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Quadratec vs. Rugged Ridge: Brand Comparison

Quadratec Floor Mats/LinersRugged Ridge Floor Mats/Liners
Launched in 1990, Quadratec is a relatively older brand. Over the years, the company has grown to be a trusted warehouse supplier and retailer of Jeep parts. 

The company specializes in making premium quality and durable Jeep accessories and parts.

Made by a USA brand.
Rugged Ridge started operating in 2005; hence it’s a newer brand. The main motive for establishing the brand was to design and develop new Jeep accessories and product lines.

Has over 3,000 patented liners and products in the Jeep market.

Manufactured by Omix, a USA-based parent company.

Both companies have excellent origin and experience in making Jeep accessories and parts.

They are USA-based brands. Their floor mats are elegant and functional, attracting many Jeep owners.

Quadratec is a premier brand dealing in automatic warehouse distribution and aftermarket retailing. The company partners with hundreds of manufacturers across the USA.

In contrast, Rugged Ridge is a subsidiary company owned by Omix-ADA. It’s the globe’s largest independent manufacturer of Willys & Jeep restoration parts.

Regarding brand popularity, reputation, and customer reviews, Quadratec outshines Rugged Ridge.

Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge: Design and Functionality

Quadratec Floor Mats/LinersRugged Ridge Floor Mats/Liners
These floor mats perfectly fit the contours of your Jeep’s floor plan.

The unique deep tread pattern of 5/6″ offers excellent traction.
Pre-installed retention snaps prevent sliding. The extra tall sides and anchor design allow for easy fitting.

Primarily available in black, but there are options for gray or tan color. Be sure to find floor mats that match your vehicle’s interior décor.
All-terrain floor mats have a special design to fit your Jeep’s floor contours.

Chevron-like deep tread technology improves traction and functionality.

Anti-slip nibs offer excellent traction.Raised lip design keeps debris and dirt off the carpet. Your vehicle stays as pristine as ever.

These mats come in black and tan colors.

Quadratec floor mats have a unique easy-fit carpet design to match your vehicle’s floor plan. 

Their off-road inbuilt 3D tread pattern design offers excellent protection against debris and moisture. This helps keep your footwear and car flooring clean.

Rugged Ridge floor liners have a custom-molded design that provides supreme protection to your vehicle’s interiors.

Their edges have high perimeter walls to offer additional protection against grime and moisture spills.

As for color options and patterns, Quadratec floor mats outshine Rugged Ridge liners. They have a shallow tread area below the pedals to give you a comfortable heel pad.

Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge: Material and Technology

Quadratec Floor Mats/LinersRugged Ridge Floor Mats/Liners
Made from a unique, high-density rubber material to offer exceptional resilience and durability.

These mats boast laser-measured Tru-fit and digital-fit floor liners. This makes them twice as thick and heavy as most other liners on the market.

Enhanced surfacing details make getting rid of dirt, and grime stuck on your shoes easier.
Built from a high-grade injection-molded thermoplastic material for durability.

Universal trim and all-terrain fit floor mats are lightweight. They let you attach them to your OEM hooks to give a snug fit.

Designed to endure all the rigors of daily use without visible damage. Their molded deep ridges trap liquids to protect your vehicle.

Quadratec and Rugged Ridge floor liners come from exceptionally performing brands. They boast high-quality materials and the latest technology to give you the best value for your money.

These floor liners (front and rear) have an excellent design to fit your Jeep’s floor plan perfectly.

Although the Quadratec floor mats don’t absorb moisture or grime effectively, they are thicker. This means they can absorb and hold nearly 40% more liquid-based products than other mats.

Quadratec floor liners have excellent resilience to extreme temperatures. They don’t melt, warp, or crack when exposed to sub-freezing and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

If we focus on material usage, Quadratec floor liners are pretty powerful than Rugged Ridge floor mats.

Rugged Ridge floor mats/liners have durable rubber materials that are resistant to tears and punctures. They can also endure extreme conditions such as:

  • Snow
  • Dust
  • Grime
  • Sand

These floor liners feature an anti-slip surface that protects your feet when driving on snowy roads. They come with a self-sealing hook attachment that keeps the liners firmly in position while blocking moisture.

As a Jeep owner looking for floor mats/liners with cutting-edge technology and construction, consider the Rugged Ridge brand.

Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge: Filament and Custom Vehicle Range

Quadratec Floor MatsRugged Ridge Floor Mats
Nylon carpets with hook reinforcement rings prevent sliding when driving in icy or wet conditions. They also provide extra protection to your car.

Suitable choice for the Jeep Gladiator JT, JL Wrangler, and other Jeep trim models.
Easily attached to OEM retention hooks with self-sealing floor hooks for secure fitting.

Perfect for models from 1976 to date from Jeep and other vehicles like GMC/Chevrolet, Sierra/Silverado, and more.

Installing Quadratic and Rugged Ridge floor mats/liners is easy and convenient. You don’t need special tools, and the process takes less time.

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Both liners offer additional grip after installation, but Quadratec floor mats provide limited coverage beneath the gas pedal.

As for in-house vehicle brands, Rugged Ridge floor liners are compatible with more Jeep models and other vehicles like Chevrolet. Quadratec floor liners only fit Jeep vehicles.

In terms of fitment and vehicle range, Rugged Ridge floor mats/liners are the winner.

Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge: Easy to Maintain

Quadratec Floor MatsRugged Ridge Floor Mats
Maintenance is easy. You only need mild detergent and water to remove dirt or grime on your floor liners.

Digitally fit floor mats are flexible and easy to remove for cleaning. You only need a simple garden hose to clean these heavy-duty floor mats.
These floor liners are easy to maintain. Their molded outer edges and raised lips are great at keeping your car clean. They block all messy spills, mud, dirt, and harsh elements.
Simple to clean using a water hose and mild detergent for tough-to-remove stains.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, both Quadratec and Rugged Ridge floor mats are up to the task. They are user-friendly, and you can install or remove them easily for effective cleaning.

Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge: Value for Money

Quadratec Floor MatsRugged Ridge Floor Mats
Quite affordable than its competitors like Weathertech.

Provides the best limited lifetime warranty to help you save money on replacements in case of manufacturing defects.

These floor mats/liners cost about over $100. You can view the mat prices on the brand’s home portal to find one that fits your budget.
Cheaper floor mats to keep your Jeep looking elegant and new.

Limited lifetime warranty offer guarantee in terms of quality and value.

Expect to pay as little as $58 for Rugged Ridge Universal fit floor mats. With the All-terrain floor mat variant, the cost starts from $62.

Quadratec and Rugged Ridge floor mats have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This prevents you from spending on replacements or repairs, allowing you to save money.

Their 30-day return policy allows you to get a full refund if you are unhappy with your purchase. This assures you that you have made the right choice.

Quadratec offers incredible phone tech support for the entire life of the floor mat price-matching policy. Their conditions and terms are similar to other auto accessories parts and products.

In terms of pricing, Rugged Ridge floor liners are more affordable than Quadratec floor mats. They are a suitable option for Jeep owners looking for a cost-effective floor mat to give their vehicles a fresh yet elegant look.

Be sure to enjoy the unique features and technologies Rugged Ridge floor mats offer. These floor mats provide excellent value for your money.

Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge Floor Mats/Liners: Comparison Summary

FeaturesQuadratecRugged Ridge
OriginFounded in 1990 and headquartered in the USA, West Chester, PA.Established in 2005 and headquartered in the USA Atlanta, GA.
Reputation and RecognitionExceptionalAverage
Material ConstructionPremium quality HDTE (High-Density Tri-extruded) material which is 100% recyclable. This special polyester material is incredibly durable and long-lasting.Elastic TPE is of good quality, durability, and 100% recyclable. This heavy-duty rubber is resistant to tears and punctures. 
Expect these mats to give you many years of impressive quality service.
FitmentOffer custom fit for only Jeep modelsProvides two fitment options; trim to fit and custom fit
Material ThicknessTwo times thicker than other floor linersStandard thickness
DensityHigher-density floor matsLower-density floor mats
WeightPretty heavy floor linersLightweight floor mats
DesignRaised edges, pronounced lips, and a unique fastening system make these floor mats functional and attractive.Sleek channels and raised edges offer elegance and protect your vehicle against mud, spills, and dirt.
Ease of CleaningThese floor mats are resistant to stains.They are also easier to clean, thanks to their carefully engineered grooves.More profound floor mats with narrow channels. This makes them easier to clean most dirt, mud, and liquid spills.
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects plus excellent tech support for any help you need.A limited lifetime warranty saves you from spending on repairs or replacements in case of manufacturing defects.
Shipping PolicyFree and fast shipping for buyers living within the 48 nearby states and Canada.Dealerships are available in 90 countries worldwide.The brand offers free shipping to buyers within the 48 neighboring states.
Option to Buy Using a Promotional Gift CardYes.No, but the brand provides coupons and discount codes to help you save money.

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Final Words: Quadratec vs Rugged Ridge Floor Mats

Quadratec and Rugged Ridge floor mats are some of the high-performing liners on the market today. 

They have incredible features and technologies to guarantee efficiency. Their design allows them to give a perfect fit for Jeep vehicles.

Both brands compete fiercely against one another. The ultimate choice depends on your preferences and vehicle needs.

If you like trading with famous brands, consider buying the Quadratec floor mats. The brand has been in business since 1990 and has gained greater recognition and popularity.

Consider purchasing the Rugged Ridge floor mats if you are looking for highly affordable yet trim-to-fit options.

Based on the comparison above, it is clear that each floor mat is of top mark. Rest assured that you will get quality, high-performing floor mats that give great value for your money.

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