Husky liners Vs Maxliner Floor Mats (Which one is better in 2022)

One common thing about car owners is that they don’t like buying car mats themselves. They prefer branded mats that carry great quality, both online and offline.

Are having challenges sourcing the best mats for your vehicle? Your search ends here because we’ll narrow down a few points to help you make an excellent choice.

Husky Liners are pricier when compared to Maxliners. Even so, customers still choose them. They are thicker and offer many grips which prevent your shoes from sliding while you drive.

Our comparative analysis between the two most common brands, Husky Liners vs Maxliner Floor mats, will make it easier to choose floor mats that suit your needs.

Husky Liners

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Maxliner Floor Mats

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Husky Liners: Brand, Features, and Types of Floor Mats

Husky liners are a Winfield, Kansas-based brand founded in 1988. They are products you can buy without needing to dig so much deeper into your pockets.

Husky liners include a variety of products in their portfolios, such as custom fit and heavy-duty floor mats, bed rail caps, tailgates, and molded mudguards.

Husky Liners Vs 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

The intention of all these products is to supplement your vehicle’s durability.

Apart from being an affordable brand for car owners, husky liners are fit for all types of automotive. 

The arrival of this compatibility was after so much research, backed up by science.

They have retained their online and offline popularity over the last years and continue to be in high demand.

Car owners love these husky liners because of their ability to offer a fresh and appealing design that complements new car models today.

One main reason they have remained a great need for customers is their amazing quality.

Features of Husky Liners

Below are a few superior features that make the husky liners high in demand.

  • Availability in a variety of colors
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High quality, heavy-duty with durable, rigid rubber material
  • Elevated edges
  • Easy installation and removal features
  • Nibs that help keep your carpets in place
  • Custom coverage

Types of Husky Liners, Floor Liners, and Mats

There are millions of customers available worldwide, all in search of different quality products.

Husky Liners remain at the forefront of America’s best quality mats with the latest technologies backed by science. Additionally, they are cost-effective, so anyone needing them is comfortable purchasing.

Types of Husky Liners Floor Mats

  • WeatherBeater floor mats
  • Heavy-duty floor liners
  • Classic Style floor mats
  • X-Act contour mats

Maxliners: Brand, Features, and Floor Mat Types

Maxliner is an Orlando-based brand whose operating parent company is Kramer America, Inc. he brand operates with a clear intention of offering its customers high-quality and comprehensive car accessories. Maxliners have been in existence since 2009 and have since remained an industry leader in design, development, and engineering.

The mats are the roughest but most high-quality. Car owners seek to buy the Maxliner products due to their affordability and durability. There are thousands of Maxliner distributors’ brands available in the country. The company rebranded in 2018 and is now called Smartliners.

Their floor mats are reliable and available for distribution throughout the country. The reason why Maxliner remains a top brand is its diversified portfolio that contains strong R&D capabilities.

Weathertech Vs. Smartliner FloorMats In 2022

The Main Features of Maxliner Floor Mats

  • 100% recycled materials
  • Custom-fit design
  • Easy to handle
  • Moulder outer edge with a raised lip
  • Low-density polythene
  • Blended and flexible plastic and rubber material
  • Non-slip textured surface

Types of Maxliner Floor Liners and Mats

  • Truck bed mats
  • Smartliner rugged rubber floor mats
  • Smartliner cargo liner
  • All-weather fit custom floor liners

Comparison Summary between Husky Liners and Maxliner Floor Mats

Husk Liners and Maxliner floor mats are the leading floor mat selling brands in America. They’ve maintained this top rank due to their affordability and durable products.

Additionally, they offer free delivery and large warranty periods. Both are products manufactured in the USA market.

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Below is a comparison summary that you should read on to narrow down your choice of floor mats. We have based the summary on individual factors, including the material, fitment, construction, price, and warranty.

 Husky LinersMax Liners
Establishment Date19882009
State of OriginUnited States of AmericaUnited States of America
FitmentExcellent- They’re custom-fitThey’re good and custom-fit
MaterialHeavy-duty and rigid rubber material that is flexible and elastomericBlended polythene and plastic rubber material that is 100% recyclable
WeightAverage. Not too heavy, nor too lightLight
DesignRaised edges to help contain debris and spills from getting to your car’s matRaised Edges with an additional sleek channel
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty
ShippingFree shipping for standard-sized orders within the America 48 statesFree shipping for all orders within the United States

Detailed comparison of Key Features between Husky Liners and Maxliner Floor Mats

  1. Construction and Quality of Material

Husky liners are well known for their production in floor mats. They use the FormFit Design computer process to create the floor mats. The process involves contouring the mats to the specific dimensions of the vehicle for a perfect fitting.

Thermoplastic rubber is the material used to make these mats. The rubber material enhances the durability of the mats due to their high resistance to cracking and fading. Whenever there is debris and any spillage, the rubber ensures it does not reach the carpet of the car. Husky liners are an excellent pick for cars because of their easy installation and removal.

Husky liners remain intact even during your movement over different road bumps. You can trust their construction in fit, finish, and retention systems. Maxliner brand creates floor mats destined to fit into all types of cars.

They make products from a combination of rubber and polythene, which are low-density. They have a great finish look and are completely odorless, making them non-toxic. There’s no unpleasant smell exuded whenever you open the mats up.

Maxliner, like the Husky liners, used the latest technologies for floor mat designing and modeling. Although they have thinner floor mats, they offer great protection and a taller coverage. Which is the better brand?

Maxliner does not have the upper hand over the husky liner floor mats. They have a flimsy plastic-like material. They have also designed their floor mats for all types of vehicles.

Husky liners, on the other hand, have heavier rubber mats with deep ridges that give them a better grip. They are heavy-duty, unlike Maxliner floor mats that are thinner and are also designed for all types of vehicles.

  1.  Shape, Design, and Fit

Husky liner floor mats come fitted with long-lasting tread plate designs.

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They have mats with elevated edges that prevent debris and spills from reaching the carpet of your car. They also come available in three different colors and are an excellent fit for all car types.

The Husky liners brand manufactures front seat, rear seat, and cargo area custom-fit designs. Their designs are also used in older vehicle models. Maxliner floor mats are sleek, with a stylish look that complements the factory-grade carpets.

They also come with raised edges to prevent debris from reaching the car’s carpet. The floor mats are available in different colors that go well with your car’s interior. The liners are durable and do not crack or fade over time.

Maxliner custom fit mats do not allow for trimming. The advantage of the car mats is that they are fit for both the front and back of your car.

Which is better?

Both Husky liner and Maxliner offer great performance in fit, look, and protection. Husky liner floor mats are available in a wide variety, compatible with most car models. The brand also has a trim-to-fit range of unique features enabling the mats to fit in any type of car.

Maxliner floor mats are not as wide in variety as the Husky liners. Their focus is on trucks and SUVs. There have been previous complaints from customers of the Maxliner car mats being a poor fit for their vehicles.

  1. Pricing

When making a choice of any brand, pricing is an essential factor to consider. When buying floor mats online, you must be sure that what you get is worth your money. Most people go after commodities tagged at a fair price, forgetting that sometimes it’s the quality that counts.

You can get stranded on the confusion because you couldn’t pay a few dollars more for a good mat. Maxliner floor liners go for $127.45. The price is for the front and second-row set. You can also buy the Husky Liners floor mats at the price of $177.95.

A lower price doesn’t mean that the mats are sub-standard in quality. One thing to note, though, is that in most cases, the higher the cost, the better the product. When working on a budget, Maxliner floor mats would be the recommended brand to go for.

Maxliner mats are pocket friendly and still serve the purpose. They are functional and help to protect your car from all external elements.

They are a great alternative when you cannot afford other expensive floor mat brands, including Husky liners and Weathertech mats.

4. Installation and Maintenance: Which Floor Mats are Easier to Clean?

You don’t need special expertise to install the Maxliners or Husky Liners floor mats. They’re both easy to install. The mats are compatible with the originals and come fitted with a hook, clasp or fastener for proper fitting.

To clean these floor mats, all you need is a gentle washing powder and a soft brush.

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When you notice stubborn residue after the cleaning process, remember to use a good automotive spray to remove all debris.

Maxliners have raised lips, and their outer edges help to prevent any form of dirt from reaching your vehicle’s original carpet.

They ensure to keep your car’s interior intact.

When compared to Husky Liners, Maxiliners are lighter. You can lift them up to clean them while preventing the mess from getting to the carpet.

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5. Warranty and Returns

Both Husky Liner and Maxiliners offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Both brands have their own transparent return policies for all their products.

In the event you place an order wrongfully, you will incur the shipping cost. The only costs exempted are those of the receipt and defective products.

Both brands provide free shipping of their products all over the United States.

There have been reviews showing that online purchases made from online shops like Amazon and eBay better favor the Maxliner brand.

Maxliner seems to have a more flexible warranty and return policy in comparison to Husky liners.

Husky liners Vs Maxliner Floor Mats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Makes Maxliner Products?

Smart Liner USA formerly known as Maxliner, founded in 2009, handles the production of all Maxliner products.

The idea was by two friends whose intention was to create floor mats that were quality with a long-lasting feature.

2. Where are Husky Liners made?

All floor liner products are manufactured and designed in the United States.

They come with a hassle-free (free installation and removal) and a lifetime warranty.

3. Are Husky Liners Floor Mats Recyclable?

Yes. In addition to these Husky liners, WeatherTech floor liners, Floor Liners HP, All-weather floor mats and trim-to-fit are 100% recyclable.

4. How Good are Maxliner Floor Mats?

Maxliner floor mats are easy to install. They are also a perfect fit for any type of car.

If you’re also looking for floor mats that are within budget yet still serve the purpose, Maxliner mats come recommended.

Final Thoughts

Husky Liners are pricier when compared to Maxliners. Even so, customers still choose them. They are thicker and offer many grips which prevent your shoes from sliding while you drive.

Maxliner products are a great competitor, regardless of the above features of the Husky Liners. Their mats are not only rugged, but they’re also of great quality with high durability.

The only downside of Maxliner floor mats is their slippery feel which makes it uncomfortable and tedious while driving. You can still save up a little money and get a quality product. That’s why the Maxliner Floor mats exist in the market. They are a great custom fit that still gets the job well done.

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