How to Remove Car Mat Creases | simple steps

I don’t find it surprising if your car mat got creases. It sucks if you’ve no idea about getting rid of them.

Having done this in the past, I’ll show you how to remove creases on your car mat.

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In this article, I’ll review steps to follow to remove car mat creases.

What material makes car mats?

Car mats are automobile mats that protect your car’s floor from dirt or wear.

The mats come either in rubber or carpet fabric.

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What makes your car mat get creases?

  • Foot movement in your car.

If your mat lacks anchors, it’ll move alongside your feet. 

  • Moisture

Moisture in the air penetrating makes the car mat buckle.

  • Incorrect installation of the mat.

The incompatible placement of the mat during installation makes the mat wrinkle. 

Make sure there are no items on the floor.

  • Heavy items on the mat

Placing a heavier object on the mat makes it get creases.

  • Cleaning it in a washing machine

Machine cleaning of car mats distorts the shape of your carpet to create creases.

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How do you straighten your car mat?

A car mat can also get creases in the packaging from the shop.

These are steps to follow to remove the creases in your car mat.

Step 1

Remove the mat from the car or the packaging if they’re new.

Shake off dirt and lay it on flat ground

Smooth out the creases with your palm. Place it onto an ironing board with creases facing up

Spray water over them and iron them

Step 2

Place the mat onto an ironing board and cover it with a damp cloth.

Iron over the cloth gently in high temperatures.

Lift the cloth to ensure the creases are stretching.

Keep ironing until all the creases fall out.

Step 3

Place the mat in direct sunlight.

Leave the mat outside until the heat releases the tension of the fibers.

The creases stretch out.

Reverse the mat to stretch the other side.

Step 4

Place the mat in a smooth flat space.

Place a heavy object over it. You can place a pile of books.

Brush up the mat to stretch the fibers using a stiff brush.

Step 5

Reverse roll the mat to crease up. Turn it upside down to create a rolled effect.

Continue to roll till you reach the opposite end. Unroll the mat and roll across all ends. 

Finally, make sure the mat lays flat with no creases

Step 6

Place the mat into the footwell naturally

Reverse roll after 2-3 days 

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Do you want to keep your car mats in place?

Car mats shift when you get in and out of your car 

To fix your mats from moving around, you should do the following

Attach Your Mats to the Floor of Your Car

Having done this. I recommend you to;

  • Get a floor mat anchor that holds the mat intact.
  • Apply tape and velcro to the underside of the mat. Then stick it on the floor.

Mats move if they’re slippery. Additionally, they slide because of their material.

Use double-sided mats because they’re adhesive on both sides.

Use Heavy-Duty Mats

Find heavy-duty mats that fit your car because the weight keeps them intact.

Use Rubber Mats

Rubber has a high intensity of stickiness that ensures it doesn’t move.

Additionally, they’ve a higher lifespan compared to fabric mats.


Can You Iron Car Mats?

Car mats come in either rubber or fabric. One thing to avoid is melting the rubber while ironing, so keep your iron under low heat. 

Use a barrier between the iron and the mat as well.

How Do I Make Car Mats Look New Again?

✓ Remove the mats from the car and shake off the dirt.

✓ Vacuum floor the car mats.

✓ Spray hose water to remove loose dirt

✓ Spray with an all-purpose automotive cleaner and allow it to dwell for 10 minutes.

✓ Scrub the mat with a brush and rinse 

✓ Leave it to dry and apply rubber protectant

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Final thoughts

Creases create obstructions that interfere with your foot movement in your car. They pose risks to you as a driver.

Always ensure your car mats are flat using the steps we’ve seen.

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