How to Install New Car Floor Mats in 2022

If you know the importance of having Weathertech Car Floor mats, then you must have a few basics on the their proper installation. 

I’ve had a chance to test car floor mats with my Volvo XC90 and was impressed by how easy they’re to install. If you’re looking forward to an improved car interior, supplementing it with a great look and feel is everything. 

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This implies why you’d invest in quality weathertech mats. Here’s a step by step guide on how to install Weathertech Car Floor mats in your car.

Step 1: Remove Any Installed Mats from Your Vehicle

The first step is undoubtedly the most crucial. Be sure to remove any previously installed car floor mats before installing the mats. 

Failure to remove the old mats before installing the new Weathertech Mats will cause issues related to proper fitting. If you allow improper installation of the weathertech car mats, you’ll tamper with the functionality of your vehicle, including braking and acceleration.

Step 2: Clean The Floor of Your Car Thoroughly

Using a vacuum cleaner will ensure the removal of every speck of dirt on the floor of your car. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, consider using a dry rag. 

Dry rags help you clear the debris that has built up under the mats you have removed. Apart from removing stubborn stains, using a vacuum cleaner prevents colors from building up in the future. 

You’ll eliminate the stains if you use a good cleaning product. Apart from leaving your car’s floor spotless, a good car cleaning product prevents unwanted damage on your car’s surfaces. 

Step 3: Take Note Of The Correct Size and Side of The Mat

Before installing the Car Floor mat, ensure you check if it is the correct type and for the mark that indicates which side you should place the mat on. You’ll find the pattern on the mat’s underside. 

The RHS mark indicates that you should place the mat on the right side, while LHS means you should put the carpet on the left side. The RHS mark, in simpler terms, means the passenger’s side while LHS is the driver’s side. 

You can ensure that the weathertech mat is the right fit for your car’s floor by taking measurements of the length, width, and depth of the exact place of installation. 

Step 4: Double-Check the Retention Devices

Spare a few minutes before installation to check for any factory-provided holding hooks on your car’s floor. If you find them, don’t add any new ones. If, by any chance, none are there, only use those that come with the weathertech car mat you’ve purchased. 

If you don’t know where to check the retention hooks, you can always check beneath your weathertech floormats. They’re present to help keep the mats well secured after installation. 

Fortunately, weathertech car mats are compatible with all kinds of retention devices that include:

  • Retention Devices with a Bayonet Bottom
  • Tech Grip
  • Twist Retention Devices and 
  • Post Retention Devices

Step 5: Install the Weathertech Car floor MatS on the Driver’s Side

Install the weathertech car mat labeled LHS, the driver’s side mat. Make sure the mat and the holding hooks are well aligned as you progress with the installation. Exert a little force on the holding grommets from the top so they can snap down to the mounting post firmly. 

If the mats purchased have retention hooks, ensure the insertion through the holes is fully down so they can lie fully flat on the floor of your car. However, remember that not every vehicle comes fitted with a retention device. 

Step 6: Test The Pedals

When checking the pedals, confirm that the gas, clutch,, and brake movement is as it should be. Car Floor Mats should all have a complete and easy scope of activity, and if you place a check on all these to confirm proper functionality, you can proceed to install the passenger’s mat. 

Step 7: Install the Weathertech Mat on the Passenger’s Mat

There is a slight difference in how you install the passenger mat. The first step is to slide it beneath the gas and brake pedal. Ensure the mat is strongly attached to your car’s floor by securing it with some hooks.

If your vehicle allows for retention devices, use some snap caps or clips to your vehicle’s carpet if they are there. 

Step 8: Install the Rear CAR Floor Mat

There is a slight difference in how you install the rear weathertech mat compared to the driver and passenger mats. The first step for successful rear Car Floor mat installation is to lift your vehicle’s back seat and fold it down. 

The second step is to incorporate the processes you applied in the driver and passenger mats. Finally, slide the mat beneath the front row seats and conclude the process by laying it in. 

Step 9: Keep Checking the Fit of the Weathertech CAR FLOOOR Mats from Time to Time

It is essential to check the fit of your installed weathertech Car Floor Mats frequently. After washing your car, servicing it, or after a new reinstallation, you can do this. Clean your mats regularly to enhance their durability. 

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Additional Tips on How to Install Weathertech Car Mats

  • The weathertech car mats will not always come folded in a box. This may affect how well aligned they are to the floor of your car. To ensure they are in the proper state before installation, lay them flat at room temperature. 
  • If you want to ensure your weathertech mats last long, always apply the proper coat them. TechCare is an excellent recommendation in this case as a durable protector for all your car mats. The protector intends to ensure stubborn stains or cleaning products do not destroy your mats.
  • The more you clean your weathertech car mats, the more you enhance their durability. One proper recommended method to ensure your mats are always clean is to take them out of your car and shake them to remove any developing soil and trash. Additionally, you can clean the mats using water and a gentle cleaning product
  • To allow proper installation, ensure to remove any other car mats you may have previously installed. The weathertech car mats should lie flat on the car’s floor to allow proper functionality of braking and clutch. The first step, therefore, is to remove any other existing mat. 

A Summary Checklist for Installation of Weathertech Car floor Mats

Before Installation

  • Remove any other car floor mats you had before installing the weathertech mats.
  • Avoid stacking mats one on top of the other.
  • Ensure you use a mat that is compatible with your car type. 

During Installation

  • Install the weathertech car floor mat directly on the floor and not on top of any other mat.
  • Avoid mixing up the sides. Let the mat labeled RHS go to the passenger’s floor section while the LHS should go to the driver’s floor area.
  • Ensure that the weathertech car mat perfectly fits the vehicle’s floor contouring.
  • If your vehicle has a retention devices provision, use the provided retention hooks to allow proper fitting of the car mats. 

After Installation

  • Check the peddles for gas, brakes, and accelerator to ensure they are still functioning as they should after installing the car floor mats. 
  • Check if the peddling system is still in place, as improper mat installation tampers with the pedals. 
  • Ensure that nothing in your car could easily get lodged and affect the acceleration and stopping of your car. This is an additional safety check. 
  • Avoid using weathertech car mats in racing cars or stunts.
  • Avoid driving barefoot. 

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Any time you take your car for a checkup, service, or cleaning, high chances are the mats will be removed. The problem is that not everyone will ensure to put them back in correctly. 

It’s therefore very crucial to inspect your vehicle after any of these processes to ensure that all the mats are in place.

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