How To Get Gas Smell Out of Carpets In A Car

Car carpets are not resistant to gas odors. Once you’ve cleaned the smell of gas from the carpet, likely, you will still feel the gas smell lingering. 

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The gas smell is unpleasant and can cause health risks to human life and pets. How do you get the gas smell out of carpets in a car?

There are a few steps you can follow that greatly aid in helping you retain a new environment once you’ve gotten rid of the gas odor. Read on to learn more. 

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What to do first when cleaning the gasoline off the carpet

Whenever you notice the gas smell on your vehicle’s carpet, it indicates that you need to act fast. 

Keeping the smell of gas longer is extremely dangerous and can cause a fire outbreak. Ensure all fire and electricity sources are off as you find a way to clean off the gas smell to ensure that you are safe. 

Switch off any source that could start a fire by opening your vehicle’s doors and windows for proper ventilation. 

What’s the source of the gas smell?

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It’d be tedious to get rid of all the gas smelling on your carpet, having not found the source. 

You could likely experience the same issue again. Ensure first to find out what’s causing the gas to smell on your car’s carpets, then proceed to eliminate it and later clean the carpets. 

Using an air freshener should be a last resort as it will only take care of the problem for a few minutes. 

As long as the gas is still in the vehicle, the carpets will still exude its smell. 

If the stain is diesel and the one causing the gas smell on your carpets, use a liquid solution to clean it up. 

On the other hand, gasoline tends t evaporate when you leave the windows and doors of your vehicle open. 

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How to get rid of the gas

The first step to getting rid of the gas is using paper towels or clean rugs to assist in absorbing the liquid. 

Once the gas absorption is complete, ensure to safely dispose of the paper towels or clean rugs. 

The second step is to use baking powder to clean off the stain. Ensure to check how intense the stain is so that you use just enough baking powder to clean it up. Allow the baking powder to rest on the carpet for at least four hours. 

Leaving it for some time allows proper absorption of the smell of gas and stains. 

The third step is to assess how much absorption the baking powder has managed to do. If the stain is still conspicuous, add more baking powder and leave it to stay overnight. 

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Wake up the next day and vacuum the baking powder from the carpet as you initially did. 

Treating the stain

Use an enzyme-duty heavy-duty detergent to clean the stains on your carpet. Use a soft brush to rub on the stain and leave it to settle for 20 minutes. 

Cleaning the stain

Mix warm water with a liquid dishwasher and clean the stain. Using a soft brush, rub the dishwasher on the carpet. Work from the stain’s edge to the center to avoid the stain spreading further on your mat. 

Rinsing and drying the mat

Use a white cloth or a paper towel to get rid of any soapy solution that is in excess on the mat. 

Once done, leave the mat under direct sunlight for complete drying and airing. 

Repeat the process if you find out that the stain is still there. 

Getting rid of the gasolene smell on the carpet

There are moments when the gasoline will exude an unpleasant smell after you’ve cleaned your car carpets. 

Sprinkle coffee grounds on the specific spots exuding the gas smell as a first step. 

Cheaper coffee grounds suit your budget, so you do not have to go for the very expensive ones. 

To get rid of the smell of gas, ensure to leave the coffee grounds to absorb on the carpets for 24 hours. 

You can leave the coffee grounds to settle and absorb the mats for a few days to get excellent results and completely get rid of the smell of gas from your carpets. 

Coffee is oil-based and will eliminate the smell of gas from your carpets. 

When you cannot get the coffee grounds, dry baking soda and vinegar are two other alternatives to getting rid of the smell of gas. 

Pour enough baking soda on the specific area releasing the smell of gas for excellent results. 

Use a stiff brush to work on the carpet’s fibers after the baking soda has been absorbed. 

Dry baking soda neutralizes the smell of gas from the carpets, while vinegar leaves the carpets, exuding a sweet smell. 

For efficient results, allow the baking powder to sit on the carpet for an hour. 

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Homemade steps for removing the smell of gas from your car’s carpets

Add vinegar

Sprinkle diluted vinegar on the spot releasing the smell of gas. Mix some white vinegar with warm water and sprinkle the mixture on the spot, releasing the gassy smell.

More vinegar can be used if the spot releasing the gas smell is big. 

Add Baking Soda

Scoop a quarter of baking soda and pour it on the same spot you’d applied the diluted vinegar. 

Use more baking powder for big spots on the carpet, releasing the gas smell. 

Scrubbing the Carpet

The third step involves scrubbing the carpet. Use a brush with soft bristles on the exact areas where you poured the vinegar and baking soda. 

Scrub for at least thirty seconds to ensure you can no longer smell the gas. 

Give Room for the Smell to get absorbed.

Once the paste has formed, let it rest on the carpet for three hours. Leaving the vinegar and baking soda overnight will completely remove the smell of gas from the carpet.

Vacuum your Carpets

When you feel confident that you’ve left the carpet for enough time to allow absorption of the smell of gas, proceed to vacuum the carpet. 

Examine your carpet

The last step entails checking if the processes you have used effectively remove the smell of gas from the carpet. 

Repeat the process if the results are unsatisfactory, or leave the carpet on the floor of your car if the processes involved have gotten rid of the smell. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the smell of Gasoline to go away?

Toss the carpet in baking soda and leave it for a day. You’ll notice that the gasoline smell will be gone after this period. 

Does Gasoline evaporate off the carpet?

Shampoo the carpet away from the vehicle and leave it to dry. Time and ventilation will allow the smell of gas to leave the carpet if shampooing and drying it is ineffective. 

How do I get gas out of my Car Carpet?

Soak the carpets with old towels immediately after you notice the smell. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to neutralize the gas smell. Rub the mixture into the carpet and use a clean rug to wipe it off. 

Does Water Wash away Gasoline?

Avoid using water to remove the smell of gasoline at all costs. Instead of diluting the gas, it’ll spread it more on the carpet’s surface. This worsens the situation by increasing the smell of gas and the likelihood of a fire. 


When using the above methods to clean the stains of gas, the problem no longer needs to be a major concern. 

The processes are effective in completely getting rid of the stains and restoring a fresh smell in your car. 

Ensure the stain source prevents it from getting bigger and harder to remove. 

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