How To Clean WeatherTech Floor Mats At Home? (Simple Step-By-Step Guide)

Wondering how to clean WeatherTech floor mats in your car? Despite covering underneath and preventing the entry of debris, the surfaces of WeatherTech Car floor mats get dirt from shoe dust, mud, and drink spills. 

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The resultant odor and outlook can be disturbing because you don’t want people getting into your car in such a condition.

You can wash your WeatherTech Floor mats with a pressure wash hose and scrubbing with cleaning solutions/detergent.

This article is tailored to provide a step-by-step guide on how to clean WeatherTech floor mats in your car?

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How To Clean WeatherTech Floor Mats in Your Car At Home

Step 1: Shake your Weathertech Floor Mat 

You don’t want to spread dirt to less dirty surfaces by starting the cleaning immediately with water. Shaking your WeatherTech floor mat gently will help eliminate less sticky dust, simplifying your work. 

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To get the outcome you want without any problems, do it gently in an open area to avoid spoiling dust-defective items. 

Hold the mat with both hands and move it up and down while facing a different direction to avoid getting choked. 

You can also hit it gently on a wall or on any concrete area to get more dust off.

Step 2: Run water through your weathertech floor mat using a hose 

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Run Water Through

You may realize that some dirt remains even after doing all the above. And that’s why you need to run water through its surface to make the work thorough.

A hose pipe enables you to increase and reduce pressure whenever necessary. Get the hose ready as you align the mat on a clean surface.

Once all is set, let water flow at your preferred pressure through the mat to clean the debris. 

While regulating the pressure, you may have to increase it to eradicate grime in some parts. 

Step 3: Remove grimmy dirt using a pressure washer 

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Pressure Washer 

Less aggressive grimes are already off after using a hose, but the most aggressive ones are still reluctant. A pressure washer can help you get rid of the more sticky grimes with ease.

A pressure washer puts in excessive force against the stubborn spots, forcing them out ultimately. 

Their extreme pressure draws out every stain, making your mat the cleanest. 

If you’ve prior experience using a pressure washer to clean your car, you must have realized its effectiveness in cleaning. And you should use them to erase stains from your WeatherTech floor mats completely.

You should however be cautious not to cause problems from the extreme force and electric power driving the pressure washer.

Likely issues from improper handling of a pressure washer include:

  • Severe injuries that initially appear minor 
  • Throwing objects that may harm people around your cleaning area
  • Electric shock 

Read safety instructions from the manual and clear the car wash area to prevent these consequences. 

Purchase the less costly pressure washers because they are light and usable far from the electric source. 

Step 4: Clean using a floor mat cleaner 

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Cleaning Solutions

Apart from debris and dirt, your WeatherTech Car floor mat could be stained with molds and stinking from different odors. These odor and stains are likely from spills of alcohol or any other drink you like taking in your car.

A recent study by Kuo and Cheng indicates that most driving under the influence of alcohol cases are common among motorists, revealing a high possibility of having alcohol spills in your car.

You may consider cleaning coffee stains using traditional mixtures if you like taking coffee during trips. You need a cup of vinegar and another cup of baking soda mixed with detergent to get rid of these stains. 

After putting the mixture in a spray bottle, spray the spot while rubbing gently to eliminate the stain.

Stubborn stains require advanced cleaning, where several floor mat cleaners come in. 

You’ll need to use one of the following floor mat cleaners to deal with an alcohol or grease stain.

Top 6 floor mat cleaners for you 

  1. WeatherTech floor mat cleaner/protector

The cleaner helps eject road salt, shoe dirt, and mud. You can use it to eliminate oil and grease stains too. 

Its application only requires you to spray on your mat, leave it for some minutes, and then dry the surface thoroughly.

  1. Motop Super Cleaner

Apart from eliminating spots of dirt, bird poop, tree sap, and grease, the Motop Super Cleaner gives your mat a pleasant smell from its sweet lavender scent. 

Cleaning only needs you to scrub the mat with a detailing brush after spraying, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

  1. Mothers 07240

It comes from Aero  – one of the most established supplies, and only needs you to pour a few drops to keep your mats tidy. 

Wipe the dirt using a clean towel, then dry using a microfiber towel.

  1. Adam’s tire and rubber cleaner

This might be your best cleaner if you’re worried about discoloration of your mat. It’s a degreaser perfect for eradicating scuff spots, wax particles, and oxidation stains. 

You need to spray your mat, scrub with a brush, and dry thoroughly. 

  1. Chemical Guys TVD_109

Your weather tech floor mat will become shiny and last longer after using this mat cleaner. It also prevents cracking, loss of color and fading. 

Smear the product on a sponge and rub it against your mat. You’ll notice that your mat is more beautiful after letting it dry.

  1. Simple Green 13005 CT 

This mat cleaner is highly concentrated, requiring you to dilute before use. Mix one part with ten parts of water and one part with seven parts of water for the filthy surfaces.

It’s effective in cleaning molds, animal wastes, and other stubborn stains. It’s fit for your health and environment because it contains no harmful chemicals and is biodegradable.

After diluting according to your need, add it to a spray bottle and spray the mat. 

Find a detailing brush as you wait for it to rest for some minutes, then scrub thoroughly. Finally, wait for it to dry after thorough rinsing.

Step 5: Clean dirt with a brush 

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Brushes are super cleaners for grime and dust elimination. They scrub off dirt and loosen up the grimes to make your mat tidy. 

But due to the difference in quality, you must keenly select a brush that will best suit your purpose.

You don’t want to buy cheap brushes because they can be slack on the task. Go for a reasonably expensive one to help you clean the mud in tiny cracks with no worries of bristle breaking and incomplete cleaning.

Step 6: Soak your mat in a clean solution

Soaking a dirty mat enhances loosening up the mud and makes cleaning pretty easy. A bathtub is an excellent place to immerse your mat after adding some cleaning solution.

Soaking your mat in a solution gives you adequate space for complete immersion without losing your solution. 

Step 7: Condition your mat to make it look new

Too much scrubbing may make your mat look old, but you need it to look new even after the exercise. Conditioning lets you improve your mat’s condition after washing to look new.

Use solid rubber to restore and revitalize vinyl and rubber. The process revives your mat’s elasticity, making it appear new.

Step 8: Rub your mat with glossy protectant

Giving a glossy finish to your mat leaves it looking shiny and beautiful. You should select your favorite protectant keenly since various products offer different impacts.

If you need your mat to appear shiny, consider purchasing Meguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant.

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Final thoughts 

Having a dirty mat in your car shouldn’t stress you anymore because you can get rid of the grimes and debris yourself. 

The above steps are practical and will guide you to eliminate dirt from your WeatherTech floor mat until it appears and smells like new.

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