Enthuze vs. Weathertech Floor Mats (which mats are better?)

When it comes to protecting the interior of your car, there are two items you can use; floor mats and floor liners.

There is a vast array of All-weather floor mats in the market, and at times, it becomes hard to choose one that suits your vehicle.

It would be best if you considered several aspects when buying floor mats, whether Enthuze or Weathertech. Choose one that ensures the flooring and carpet of your vehicle remain protected from brutal elements such as mud, debris, and dust.

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I’ll take you through a comparison of Enthuze vs. Weathertech floor mats. This will help you make the best buying decision.

Enthuze Floor Mats Vs. Weathertech (Comparison of Important Features)

  1. Enthuse vs. Weathertech –Origin, and Availability

It is a Canada-Based brand. CTP distributors across Canada only distribute it.

It’s an American brand. It’s sold online and offline worldwide, distributed by both international and local dealers.

Before we start looking at the critical aspects of the two brands, from this vital information regarding the two brands, we can note that Weathertech are wide distributors in terms of marketing.

People who want to buy US-made products will obviously prefer Weathertech. 

  1. Material and Construction

Enthuse Floor Liners/Mats

Weathertech Floor Liners/Mats
– They are made up of particular weather-resistant thermoplastic, rubberized material.

– It contains a low-density, thicker, eco-friendly polyethylene make.

– They prevent oil, gasoline stain, or even battery acid from causing damage.

– It is durable and flexible. It withstands many years of use and provides complete comfort. 
– It’s built from developed rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) alloy.

 – This brand uses a high-density tri-exuded, OEM-approved material.

– Has a non-sticky, protective finish. Made purposely to protect your car from excessive messes.

– It’s always flexible in extremely cold temperatures. It is constructed in a way that makes it last for a lifetime.

The most paramount factor buyers should consider when buying floor mats or liners is their construction.

Enthuze is also made of good quality that accommodates most automobiles perfectly. These floor mats last for a long time. Also, they don’t lose their shape quickly.

People looking for good-quality floor mats for their cars will prefer Enthuze floor mats because they are also budget-friendly.

If we compare the Enthuze brand with the HDTE material used in Weathertech floor mats or liners, it will actually score low.

Using high technological thermoforming processes for making mats always ensures mats of high quality are produced.

Furthermore, these floor mats can withstand unfavorable weather conditions. They are a protective covering for your car, makes it cozier, and are easy to clean.

Based on the construction and the material used in construction, weathertech becomes the winner after comparing the two brands.

  1. Shape and Design

Enthuze Floor Mat/Liners

Weathertech Floor Mats/Liners
– They are digitally designed in a manner that ensures complete floor coverage. This offers total vehicle protection. 

– Its design contains raised edges and grooves that help hold gravel, sand, water, dirt as well as other unpleasant elements you are likely to encounter.

– These customized floor liners or mats are constructed for all the raw as well as the cargo place.

– Ready for use in three different colors; tan, gray, and black.
– It has a complete edge-edge design that gives maximum coverage regardless of the type of your car.

– Has raised edges that offer an excellent retention system for water, dirt, sand, snow, and other debris that may mess up your car. Has mounted places at the side of the driver that enhances comfortability.

– These floor mats or liners are made for both front and back and at some instances made for the cargo area.

– Ready for use in four different colors; tan, cocoa, gray, black.

Having compared the two brands, we note that both have good features in terms of material, shape, and, more so, design. However, Weathertech is appreciated for its classy look and craftsmanship. 

The custom Enthuze floor mats are well designed. They are measured with accurate craftsmanship. They are affordable and have a durable material making many people prefer buying these mats.

  1. Fitment and Custom Vehicle Range

Enthuze Floor Mats or Liners 

Weathertech Floor Mats
– They are customized for specific types of vehicles. You will get the best fitment for your car.

– Provide extra traction

– Designed to cover front door sills

– They retain their shape in harsh weather conditions.

– They are entirely waterproof.

– It can be used for large vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, pick–up vans, etc. Their stock is limited.
– These floor mats are trimmed or cut to fit the floor of your vehicle.

– They can tolerate extreme weather conditions.

– Has creats that create superb traction

– They are thick and give complete sidewall protection.

– They match the specific car configuration.

– Make floor mats for many vehicles on the road. Known to have a considerable outlay and more so, unlimited stock.

Enthuze floor mats are perfectly designed to fit well your car’s flooring. They are made for different car types, each with its own floor mat size.

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Comparing both brands reveals that Enthuze floor mats are varied but not as massive as Weathertech floor mats.

Weathertech floor mats are available in significant sizes in terms of vehicle installation. Their trim-to-fit design is the most sold product online. Becomes the winner in terms of fitness and range.

  1. Easy to Maintain 

Enthuze Floor Mats or Liners

Weathertech Floor Mats or Liners
– Are easy to install.

– Medium weight makes them easy to lift and clean.

– You can dry the mats using a towel or you can simply air dry them. 
– Installation is simple and quick.

– The floor mats are heavy but are easily lifted for the sake of cleaning.

– They are easy to dry. You can simply dry them using cotton linen.

Cleaning Enthuze floor mats is a simple task. Just pull away your liners from the hook carefully, ensuring no spills.

Second, shake your mat to get rid of loose dirt or debris. Spray with a spray gun or a garden hose.

Scrub them with soap and water. Make sure not to use harsh chemicals as they might be destructive to your liners or mats.

Weathertech floor mats are heavy compared to Enthuze floor mats. However, they are easy to lift for cleaning. Use clean water with soap to clean. Add some detergent for the tough stains such as oil spills.

Both Enthuze and Weathertech floor mats/liners are easy to maintain.

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  1. Price Difference

Enthuze Floor Mats

Weathertech Floor Mats/Liners
– Their prices are reasonable. Attracts customers that are ready to pay any fee for high-quality products.
E.g., Two rows of these floor mats for a sedan will cost you $189.

– Their prices are high because of their tougher material and technology used to construct them.
E.g., Three rows of weathertech mats for Honda Odyssey will cost you around $280, though prices differ from portal to portal.

We understand that many factors are considered when it comes to deciding the prices of different floor mats. Some of the factors considered are the material used to make the mat, where you buy your mats from, and, of course, the brand.

One of the reasons why Enthuze floor liners are preferred by many is because of their low price. This is how they outdo weathertech floor mats.

The winner in terms of price and good features is Enthuze floor mats.

  1. Warranty, Returns, and Shipping

Enthuse Liners 

Weathertech Liners
– Supported by a limited lifetime assurance. Restored with RMA number within a period of 14 days.

– Free of charge shipping is available within Canada. There is no shipping in areas such as Yukon, Labrador North West Territories, Nunavut, and other remote locations.
– A 3 years and lifetime limited guarantee supports them. These products have a return policy of 30 days.

– Shipping of the products is charged. No charges when replacing a damaged product with a new one.

Although A limited lifetime guarantee backs weathertech floor mats, they have a shipping cost. When purchasing from any other commerce portal, e.g., Amazon, you should consider whether shipping will cost you.

You are advised to purchase directly from Weathertech’s home portal if you are not located in the forty-eight states they reach out for. 

Weathertech’s customer services are excellent and will reach you no matter your location.

For those living in Canada, you are advantaged to get Enthuze backed by a good warranty, with no shipping cost.

Enthuze also has impressive customer care services. The customer care team is excellent and is always willing to help their customers in things like mat installation, more so, any troubleshooting issues.

The winner based on shipping charges, customer care services, and policy: Enthuze and Weathertech keep their customers happy and make them feel cared for through their excellent services.

A Comparison Summary of Weathertech Floor Mats and Enthuze Floor Liners


Weathertech Floor Mats

Enthuze Floor Mats

Country Origin




Has two options; trim to fit and custom fit.

Only custom fit


Made up of High-density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material that is 100% recyclable.

Constructed using Elastic TPE material that is 100% recyclable.


Has a high density

Has a medium to low density


Year around

Year around


Thick compared to Enthuze.

Thinner than weathertech


Exists in four different colors; grey,black, cocoa, and tan

Exists in three colors;grey,black,tan


Heavier compared to Enthuze

Light than Weathertech floor mats


Has advanced surface channeling, raised edges as well as pronounced lips.

Has well-raised edges plus surface channels


Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty


Has charges

No shipping charges to customers within Canada

Customer care services

Are excellent

Are excellent

Installation process

They are heavy though easy and quick to install

Are light and easy to install

Return policy

The products have a return policy of  30 days.

Return is within 14 days with RMA.


High cost

Reasonable low cost


More durable compared to Enthuze floor mat

These products are durable but not like Weathertech products.

   They are trimmed and cut to fit.
They are custom-molded for specific types of vehicles.

Vehicle application

It’s massive 

It’s average


All weather 

All season


Are  easy and quick to clean

 Are easy and quick to clean


Are a bit expensive

Are budget friendly

Are Weathertech Floor Mats Worth it?

No discussion about car mats excludes Weathertech floor mats. They’re the most popular among car owners and drivers.

Many people would like to know whether they are truly worth their high price and more so, good reputation. 

Compared to other floor mats, Weathertech floor mats are made of more rigid material thereby more extended durability. They meet and exceed all superbness. Their performance is good.

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Reasons Why Weathertech Floor Liners Are Worth It

  1. They give a seamless and clean look. They are appropriately measured for a custom fit.
  2. They are durable and can last as long as your vehicle.
  3. Prevents your car from being a mess. They have raised lips over the footwell edges that help to contain the mess.
  4. It’s effortless to clean up the messes. Spills remain contained in the floor mat even as you drive.
  5. They are easy to clean  and look like new
  6. They give service like a trey 
  7. No smell or bad odor, unlike most brands
  8. They stay in place and offer you more comfort while driving your car
  9. They are very easy to install. Do not require much time or energy
  10. They are made to match your car’s interior. There are available colors that will match the interior of your vehicle.
  11. Supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  12. They are made in America. American-made products are of superior quality.
  13. Increases your car’s resale value.

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The Bottom Line

 Weathertech floor mats are the most expensive compared to other brands. This is because they are made of a more rigid material that makes them durable. 

The technology used to manufacture them is worth their price.

Enthuze is a brand that favors budgeted buyers. They are not available in many areas but are primarily available in Canada. Compared to Weathertech, they are more plastic than rubber. They are also cheaper.

With the comparison of the two brands above, I hope you are able to make a final choice of the best floor mats that your car deserves.

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