Best 3D vs. 5D vs. 7D vs. 9D Floor Mats

Considering the rapid change in lifestyles, people are constantly looking for ways to bring elegance to their cars.

Being a motorist places you at the center of those looking for excellent ways to present themselves.

Unfortunately, the influx of the floor mat industry has brought in wide varieties that could mislead you in making a purchase decision.

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You don’t want to buy a floor mat that won’t last long, or that won’t upgrade your car’s interior.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best car floor mats in the market to narrow down the list of the best choices of floor mats for you.

In this article, were going to look at the benefits and downsides of 3D, 5D, 7D, and 9D floor mats to help you with your purchase decision.

Let’s dive right in!

3D Floor Mats

Are you searching for a way to bring a premium look to your car interior? 3D floor mats are the ideal option for you.

Despite being among the most costly floor mats, 3D floor mats have a stylish design that can entirely improve your car’s outlook. 

Having a diverse color variation renders these mats useful to different car interiors.

You’re welcome to choose from the following shades of 3D floor mats:

  • Black
  • Beige
  • Tan

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Keeping your car floor free from solid and liquid mess helps it last longer and makes cleaning easy. Therefore, 3D floor mats are designed to fit perfectly, covering your entire floor.

Installing these mats reduces the chances of dust, water, and grime spreading in your car by holding them still in their grooves.

But there’s no soak-up because 3D Floor mats are made of polymer. So, you’ll need to clean them more often.

Because of their anti-slip properties, you’ll enjoy how these mats stick in place when you’re driving. However, you must keep adjusting them from time to time to prevent them from causing pedal jamming.

3D floor mats are the best choice to bring ambiance to your car interior despite being the most expensive.

What are the Pros and Cons of 3D Floor Mats?

Looking at the pros and cons of 3D Floor mats can help you make a more informed decision when buying. 

The following are the pros of 3D floor mats.

  1. 3D floor mats are waterproof. They’re ideal for preventing the penetration of liquid mess to your car floor. As a result, aligning these mats will protect your car floor from molds and foul smells that result from rust.
  2. 3D floor mats are anti-skid. They feature embossed patterns that prevent your mat from going out of place while driving.  Their tight grip on the floor ensures no car jamming when you’re on the move.
  3. 3D floor mats are easy to remove. This saves you time and energy when you need to get them out of the car for cleaning or when you need to adjust them. So, it’s entirely easy to clean these mats frequently.
  4. 3D floor mats are easy to clean. Washing these mats is no hassle because you can use soap and water to get rid of grimes and dirt. 
  5. 3D floor mats dry up quickly. You only have to lay them outside for a few minutes or scrub them with a dry cloth after cleaning to have them dry and ready to use again.

But they’re several cons of 3D floor mats, which include

  1. They don’t have to lock pins. You must keep adjusting them to prevent pedal jamming.
  2. They don’t provide soundproofing. So, you’ll have to bear with the noises.
  3. They have a strong rubber smell when new. The smell could irritate people inside your car.
  4. They generate strong odors during hot weather that could irritate you and your passengers.
  5. They’re not entirely durable. They’re prone to scratching, fading, fraying, wrinkling, and wear.

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5D Floor Mats

5D floor mats are high-quality mats that protect your car floor against water and dust. If you wish to line your car’s base according to its shape, this would be an ideal choice because they fit perfectly.

Having a crocodile leather texture makes this 5-dimensional mat elegant and durable.

5D mat manufacturers acknowledge the essence of your safety while driving and attach the mat with a heel pad under the driver’s seat. The attached heel pad allows you to comfortably rest your feet and stay safe from slipping and losing your car’s control. 

Raised edges bordering the mat allow full coverage of your car’s flooring, preventing the mess from splashing to the floor. 

Being easy to spread and wash makes the mats ideal for you, especially if you’re on a low budget.

Available colors include black and grey.

What are the Pros and Cons of 5D Floor Mats?

Looking at a side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons will help you understand what to expect from 5D floor mats.

The following are the pros of 5D floor mats: 

  • They’re custom-made.
  • Feature CNC technology, which makes them fit perfectly.
  • Feature high-end artificial leather and comes with various motifs and delicate seams.
  • Available in different textures and 
  • Feature luxurious and classy carbon texture leather.
  • 5D floor mats are waterproof, rendering them antibacterial and resistant to vapor.
  • They don’t get wet, hence no smell or accumulation of bacteria.
  • Last for more than five years.

But there are some cons of 5D floor mats, as shown in the following list.

  • They can be very costly.
  • They are not available in a variety of retailers.
  • Sometimes, available wholesalers won’t offer retail options.

7D Floor Mats

7D floor mats should be your number one accessory if you plan to improve your car game. Their ability to provide full coverage and end-to-end fitting for your car interior render them better than 5D floor mats.

Their double-layer cover allows them to last long. Your car flooring is also safe from liquid mess under these mats because they’re waterproof.

Trapping liquid and solid mess allow these mats to prevent the accumulation of filth and bacteria. As a result, your car stays clean, hygienic, and fragrant.

Your driving experience is comfortable and relaxing with 7D floor mats because of their thick layer of coil mat. 

Installing 7D floor mats helps revive your car’s interior to a lovable extent because of their luxurious look!

They’re available in many colors, including tan-red and black.

What are the Pros and Cons of 7D Floor Mats 

7D floor mats have a good share of benefits and demerits worth considering.

Let’s look at the pros first.

  1. They’re custom-made, allowing them to fit in your car perfectly.
  2. Their manufacturing involves high-end technology and high-quality artificial leather.
  3. Absorbs liquid spills to provide safety and hygiene in your car.
  4. Adds to the aesthetics to enhance your car’s interior luxury.
  5. They’re durable and offer a return on investment by protecting resale value.
  6. Allows hassle-free cleaning.

Unlike other floor mats, 7D floor mats have more benefits than drawbacks. Significantly high costs is the only downside of going for a 7D floor mat.

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9D Floor Mats

If you’re looking for the number one category of floor mats, 9D floor mats are the way to go! Similar to 7D floor mats, these mats protect your car’s base and prevent the spread of grime, water, and bacteria.

There’s no way that filth can find its way to your car’s floor after installing 9D floor mats because they feature raised outer edges. Your car base will remain new and fresh for a long time because of the preservation of the mess.

If you’re passionate about caring for your environment, you must purchase 9D floor mats. They contain no harmful toxicants, hence eco-friendly.

The presence of a grass mat allows maximum protection and eases washing and maintenance. They also feature waterproof and anti-slip properties.

Installing 9D mats gives your car’s interior a lavish look because of their elegant design.

9D floor mats are available in different colors, including black and grey.

What are the Pros and Cons of 9D Floor Mats?

Just like 7D floor mats, high cost is the only mishap of opting for 9D floor mats.

Buying a 9D floor mat will bring value to your car’s interior in the following ways:

  • Features raised outer edges to prevent filth from spreading to the floor.
  • They contain no harmful materials that could spoil the atmosphere. They’re ideal for environmental safety.
  • They feature waterproof and anti-skid properties.
  • They’re easy to install and remove from your car. So, you’ll have a hassle-free cleaning experience.
  • Looks elegant, giving your car’s interior a lavish outlook.

Have you made a decision yet?

If not, let’s look at the side-by-side comparison of the 3D, 5D, 7D, and 9D floor mats in the table below.

Features3D Floor Mat 5D Floor Mat7D Floor Mat9D Floor Mat
MaterialRubber High-quality thermoplastic rubberArtificial leather, foam, and velcro Faux leather, PVC, EVA foam
CoverageCover only the floor of your carCovers your car interior seamlessly Feature higher borders that cover your car’s entire floorCompletely covers your car base
Thickness Single-layeredFive-layeredSeven-layeredSeven layers plus lamination 
Durability Fairly durable Durable for 3-5 yearsEnhanced durability Lasts for a long time
OdorPungent rubber smell in hot condition or when newOrdorless Odorless Odorless 


The inside of your car is ideal for commuting, making maintenance necessary for a comfortable ride.

Going for a floor mat is essential to bring comfort to your car interior and preserve a high resale value.

Looking at the pros and cons of the listed floor mats will guide you in making an informed purchase decision.

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