Are Cars Supposed To Come With Floor Mats?

Not all car models come with floor mats. It’s not easy to automatically get floor mats when purchasing a car. In most cases, you have to spend extra cash to get them.

But there are brands that include floor mats in their sales. There are also tactics you can use to prompt a dealer to include them in your car.

In this article, we’ll look at brands that include floor mats and how to persuade dealers to include them in your car. Walk with me to get a glimpse of that!

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Are cars supposed to come with floor mats?

It’s difficult to get a car floor mat today alongside your new car. Not unless you purchase a BMW or talk to the manufacturer directly!

Car Floor mats are important accessories that make your car look decent and hygienic. Nobody wants to get into a car that smells of rust or mold. Installing car floor mats saves your car’s interior from such mess!

Dirt finds its way into your car through your shoes. There’s no absolute way of blocking mess from getting into your car.   

Installing floor mats is the only way to minimize the impact of the mess. 

Car floor mats have numerous advantages you’d not want to miss. Let’s look at a couple of those first!

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Floormats in Cars

Do I Need Floor Mats in my Car?

Yes, you need car floor mats to keep your car decent and hygienic. With the tendency to spill liquids and carry solid mess in your car, there’s a need to install floor mats.

Remember those days you drive into the garage and come back in your car with grease stains in your shoes? I dreaded having grease spreading in my floor mats until I installed high-end car mats in my car.

Installing a high-quality floor mat prevents mess from reaching your cars’ floor. 3D Maxpider Floor Mats is an example of mats with raised outer edges. Having raised outer edges ensures an end-to-end coverage of your cars’ floor. 

Nobody plans to use the same car forever. Do you? Of course not!

You at some point need to upgrade to a different model. Securing your car value allows you to resale it at a higher price.

Having high quality floor mats to cover your car interior guarantees you durability of your car’s floor. You don’t have to worry about it getting rusty or developing molds. 

No ounce of mess gets past these mats, and that’s what you need to secure your future resale value.

Floor mats’ manufacturers have taken your driving safety into consideration. A high-quality floor mat features an anti-slip property that prevents them from moving out of place during a ride.

 As a result, there are no pedal jamming instances that can trigger accidents.

So, you need floor mats whether or not your car comes with them.

Why Are The Best Car Floor Mats Expensive? 

Do Cars Come with Carpet Mats?

Although some cars may come with floor mats, most manufacturers don’t include them. So, you need to talk to the manufacturers to include them or spend a little more cash on buying the mats.

Dealers may also decide to include the mats or not. But it all narrows down on the brand from which you’re purchasing your vehicle. 

In some instances, your dealer may require you to pay for the mats after completing payment for the car. Conversely, they may have already added the cost of the floor mats in your car purchase.

 But some models automatically come with floor mats. The manufacturers of BMW provide floor mats on all their cars. This saves you the extra money you’d have paid after your initial purchase.


Why Do Cars Come with Carpet Floor Mats?

Cars come with Carpet floor mats for insulation of the car’s sounds and temperature regulation. These accessories have transformed vehicles from the past clanging of the cars with wooden or metal floors. 

What Car Models Come with Floor Mats?

Unfortunately, many car models don’t come with floor mats. You have to spend extra cash to install these Mats after getting a new vehicle. 

Some models that don’t come with floor mats include:

However, BMW still comes with floor mats at purchase. This model has caught the interest of drivers forever for being the most iconic brand with a signature blend of class and style. 

You don’t have much backup to understand the level of impact that BMW has had on the industry.

Luckily, BMW still values their clients’ feelings about their floor mats. As a new customer, you get your set of their high-end floor mats.

Paying for the mats isn’t necessary once you ask for some directly from the manufacturer.

Before purchasing your car, ask the dealer’s manager if they’re offering anything as part of the sale. They’ll use the budget for closing prospective deals to get you the mats. 

Just behave as if you’ve not fully decided to buy to prompt them to include the mats to seal the deal. 

Why Do Some Dealers Remove Floor Mats?

Most dealers won’t give you an extra accessory unless they’re sure of getting something in return. As a result, you must be ready to negotiate the price to get floor mats as a bonus. 

The current increase in competition in the industry puts pressure on dealers, forcing them to do anything possible to get ahead. 

 But keeping floor mats on their new inventory allows them to save a ton.  So, they don’t have to reinvest in new ones after selling everything at the dealership. They just reuse similar mats they’ve been using on everything they’ve sold already.

You can best understand their behavior by considering where they get the money. Then you can see that refusing to include mats allows them to save money.

However, if they’re experiencing intense competition, they’ll be willing to include floor mats in their sales. 

To win mats from such dealers, bargain strongly to make them see the need to give you an extra bonus after purchase. 

Showing the dealers that you’ll easily walk away is the easiest way to win floor mats. In this case, you’ll get the best deals you’ve ever had. 

A dealer is always more willing to negotiate than to let you walk off without completing a purchase. 

What’s The Difference Between a Car Floor Liner and a Mat?

Comparing automotive floor mats and floor liners to your household carpeting is the best way to understand the nature of car floor mats. 

Figuratively, cars’ floor mats are more like a sectional rug while liners are more like a wall-to-wall carpeting layer. 

While car floor mats are flat at the bottom, liners are custom-made to the contours of a particular vehicle floor. Liners also feature raised outer edges that run along the walls of the foot wells.

To trap grimes and water to prevent it from spreading in your car, both floor mats and liners may feature grooves and cups. But some mats and liners may feature a smooth, flat surface.

Most floor mats and liners have no ridges. Anti-skid property is similar in most floor mats and liners. With the anti-skid feature, the mat or liner doesn’t move out of place when you’re driving. 

Gripping the surface firmly makes driving safe from pedal jamming problems that happen when mats and liners keep moving as you drive.

Floor mats are mainly made of rubber, polymers, or carpeting. Conversely, floor liners are made of polymers. 

Different manufacturers use different terms to refer to their polymer construction of floor mats and liners. They include:

  1. Rubberized plastic – consists of a mixture of plastic and rubber.
  2. Vinyl – consists of PVC as the primary material.
  3. Thermoplastic – consists of polymers that are heated then left to cool to harden after manufacturing of mats and liners.
  4. Synthetic rubber – consists of polymers synthesized from petroleum products.

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Summing up

Not all car models come with floor mats. Although BMW cars automatically come with floor mats, most models like Honda don’t include them in the sale.

To get new floor mats for your car as a bonus, you need to bargain with the dealer. Otherwise, you’ll have to dig deeper in your pocket to buy the mats.

Considering their many benefits, floor mats are supposed to be on the top of your accessory list when buying a car.

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