3D Maxpider vs. Weathertech Floor Mat (2022)

Weathertech Floor Mats are the most popular in the USA, but they are expensive.

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Maxpider Mat

They provide high-quality protection for your car carpet yet are way more costly than their competitors.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats are among the top competitors of Weathertech Floor Mats.

But are their performances similar or different? We can only know that by comparing their features with a head-to-head comparison.

An insightful comparison of 3D Maxpider Floor Mats vs Weathertech Floor Mats in today’s article helps you make an informed buying decision. 

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3D Maxpider Floor Mats vs. Weathertech Floor Mats 

Weathertech Floor Mats are popular due to their long stay in the market and outstanding features.

They first appeared in the market in 1989 after their manufacturer, David MacNeil, got fed up with the mats in the market back then.

Weathertech Floor Mats have constantly advanced in design and characteristics, prompting wider usage over time.

The manufacturer has also held various campaigns to market the brand, reaching many people locally and abroad.

These mats provide maximum protection to your car carpet for a long and have a lifetime warranty!

Weathertech Floor Mats are also custom fit, meaning you can use them in many different cars.

You can get each for your SUV or van and get maximum protection of carpets in these different vehicles.

These features make Weathertech Floor Mats competitive in the market despite their higher prices than their competitors.

But the recent introduction of 3D Maxpider Floor Mats into the market has stiffened Weathertech Floor Mats competition.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats are cheaper than Weathertech Floor Mats despite featuring amazing designs and colors.

They’re the best choice for motorists who go for anything stylish to look classy because their design provides elegance to your car’s interior.

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They also provide maximum protection to your car carpet because they feature raised outer edges like Weathertech Floor Mats.

Below is a brief comparison between 3D Maxpider Floor Mats and Weathertech Floor Mats.

Features 3D Maxpider Floor Mats Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats Weathertech All Weather Floor Mats 
Material Thermoplastic RubberThermopolyolefinResin
Raised Edges YesYesNo
Average Price$64.69$99.95$59.95
Fitment Custom fitCustom fitCustom fit
Warranty 3 yearsLimited lifetime Limited lifetime 

There are many similarities between 3D Maxpider Floor Mats and Weathertech Floor Mats as you can see in the table.

But a focused view of these features distinctively can help point out the differences and similarities to make a more informed choice.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats Features

These mats are extremely light but durable. 

They give long-term protection to your carpet against water and dirt through their raised outer edges.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats feature a durable heel pad under the accelerator pedal to prevent wear and tear. They also have an eyelet specifically designed to fit the original carpet for easy installation.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats comprise a three-layer structure.  

The upper layer has a combination of polyester looped carpet polypropylene tufted carpet and thermoplastic olefin (TPO) which are strong, durable, and won’t deform over time. This layer exists in different colors to match the exact color of your car’s interior.

The inner layer is crafted from layered XPE or Mesh PET. The two materials are both waterproof and shock absorbent and have thermostatic characteristics. 

They also prevent moisture from accumulating underneath because of their ventilation. Maximum ventilation hinders the growth of bacteria and the generation of bad odors.

The top and middle layers are soundproof, absorbing noise that may distract you in your car. 

The bottom layer is a patented anti-slip MAXpider fiber that prevents the back and forth movement of your mat when driving. This makes driving safe by reducing the chances of sudden acceleration due to a jammed pedal by the mat.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats possess notable characteristics of withstanding up to 50 kg without moving. Which makes them less likely to damage carpets or cause pedal jamming.

Their countered design and waterproof properties help eliminate the damage that may result from liquid spilling.

The following list highlights features of 3D Maxpider Floor Mats:

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Example of other types of mats

3D Maxpider Floor Mats Top 6 Features

  1. 100 percent protection – they’re designed using 3D design with professional equipment to perfectly match your vehicle application, offering total protection.
  2. 100 percent durable – they consist of a unique KAGU texture surface that’s strong, durable, and wear resistant. They scrape snow and mud off your shoes, and can’t deform easily because they’re rigid.
  3. 100 percent dirt proof – they scrape off mud, snow, and grease to prevent them from dirtying your car interior. 
  4. 100 percent safe – their anti-slip bottom keeps them intact when driving to prevent pedal jamming. 
  5. 100 percent environmentally friendly – they’re crafted with ecologically-friendly materials that are non-chemical, odorless, and sound isolating. 
  6. Colors – they’re available in Beige, Grey, and Black colors.

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Weathertech Floor Mats Features 

Weathertech Floor Mats are made in Bolingbrook, Illinois by proficient American staff, using all American materials. 

The staff is aware of the ins and out of your car. Which guides them into making different types of vehicle floor mats to fit perfectly in specific vehicle models.

Weathertech Floor Mats come in two unique models:

  • Weathertech all-weather floor mats
  • Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats.

Both designs provide unique benefits; one might be more beneficial for your climate and vehicle than the other.

 Let’s delve into their specific features to see what best suits your needs.

Weathertech All Weather Floor Mats Features 

  • Custom fit for various makes and models.
  • Deeply sculpted channels trap water, salt, mud, snow, and sand.
  • Advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) allows you to drape the mats over your vehicle’s footwell.
  • Durable and recyclable! This same material stays flexible in the coldest of temperatures.
  • Anti-skid texturing lines the underside of the mat, keeping the mat from moving while you’re driving.
  • Non-stick finish makes cleanup quick and easy.
  • 100% recyclable material! 

Weathertech All-weather Mats are made to provide the best possible protection for your vehicle’s floor.

They’re crafted using an improved surface design that uses deeply sculpted channels to trap water, snow, sleet, salt, mud, sand, and other weather-related messes that may get into your vehicle.

These channels trap all weather-related grimes, preventing them from spreading over your carpet.

They’re also made from a more flexible compound. The advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is odorless, latex-free, has no harmful PVCs, cadmium, or lead, and is 100% reusable.

These mats remain flexible even in the coldest temperatures, preventing them from cracking or breaking down. They’re durable no matter what seasons throw into your car.

They contain anti-slip texturing at the bottom, preventing them from moving out of place. 

The outer side contains a non-stick coating that eases cleaning. Remove your mat, dump, and rinse with water, and the grimes will disappear.

Mat cleaner and protector help you eliminate tougher messes. They break down grease and oil, and the protector gives your mat a new outlook.

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Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats

  • Digitally laser measured and custom fit for your vehicle’s specific make and model.
  • Raised outer edge protects the bottom, front, back, and sides of your vehicle’s carpet.
  • Advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound is flexible, durable, and won’t crack in extreme weather.
  • Specially designed, manufacturer-friendly retention systems and anti-skid texturing lock the FloorLiner HP in place.
  • Advanced surface designs carry away liquids and dirt, trapping them in the lower reservoir.
  • Easy to clean.

Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats features some of the best rubber-like materials to craft All-weather Mats.

They’re laser measured and custom fit for the available makes and models.

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Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats also have moderately raised edges around the perimeter. These edges protect your carpet’s top, bottom, front, and surfaces.

Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats are made with rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer for durability.

The material is odorless and has zero content of latex or harmful PVCs. It’s also lead, cadmium free, and 100% recyclable. 

It’s flexible and malleable, making it easy to remove and install in your car.

Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats also feature improved surface channeling that carries liquid messes away from your footwear into a lower reservoir.

Weathertech Digital Fit Floor Mats also have a non-stick finish, helping most messes rinse right off. This eases the cleaning of your mats. 

Use FloorMat Cleaner/Protector Kit to eliminate stubborn stains such as oil, grease, or grime. Protector helps you keep your mat looking like new after washing.

3D Maxpider Floor Mats Pros and Cons 

There are benefits and cons of using 3D Maxpider Floor Mats. Their intensity can guide the choice of your best floor mat.


  • They bring elegance to your car interior due to the minimalist design and carbon fiber print on top. The luxurious look suits best sedans and luxury cars but is also durable for trucks and SUVs with heavy usage.
  • They do not flop and are not flimsy. This helps contain messes, which makes cleaning up much more manageable.
  • The price is very reasonable – they’re cheaper than Weathertech Floor Mats yet provide maximum protection for your carpet.
  • They have a velcro-like bottom – this gives the floor mats solid traction without creating dents in the carpet as nibs might.
  • The driver’s side has a heel pad – this gives the driver extra padding and comfort under their heel.


  • There aren’t a lot of vehicle applications – especially if you’re using an older model. These mats are mainly designed for newer model vehicles. You can purchase them for your new car. But you’ll need to buy weather tech floor mats if your car is older than 2010.
  • There is limited inventory – you may not find your favorite car because of a shortage in stock. The New company mainly deals with the most popular vehicles and can’t hold inventory for thousands of cars in 3 different colors. 

Weathertech Floor Mats Pros and Cons

Weathertech Floor Mats aren’t separate from 3D Maxpider Floor Mats in terms of having mishaps and advantages.

A keen eye on its pros and cons will help you identify what suits you from what feels less relevant.


  • Built in water channels keeps water away – WeatherTech floor mats feature channels that direct liquid messes to a lower reservoir, hindering the spreading of liquid messes.
  • Laser-measured for perfect fitment in every vehicle – WeatherTech has a laser-beam engineered fitment process, guaranteeing the perfect fit design of your mats that perfectly fits your car or truck. With raised lip edges, no spills get past its protection.
  • Available for almost any vehicle – WeatherTech floor liners are made for almost every modern vehicle on the road. These are particularly useful if you’re using a car model older than 2010. It comes in black, gray, or tan colors to match your car’s interior. 


  • Expensive than 3D Maxpider Floor Mats – it’s the gold standard in the car mat industry, attracting a higher price than its competitors. It provides the best protection for your vehicle’s floor, preserving a high resale value.

Key Takeaways

3D Maxpider Floor Mats are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a car mat to bring elegance to your new car interior.

But Weathertech Floor Mats are best for older models than 2010. These mats can return your investment if you decide to resell your car because they preserve its condition.

Despite these notable differences, these mats provide maximum protection for your vehicle’s floor. 

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